Girls – “It’s About Time”

Season Two, Episode One


Grade: C+

Straight from its Golden Globes success as the Best Comedy/Musical on television, Girls’ second season premiered on HBO and tried its best to pick up right where it left off. Hannah is juggling her messy life that consists of tending to Adam who was hit by a truck, living with her gay friend Elijah, and pursuing a new guy Sandy (Donald Glover). And we bounce around her three story-lines, it’s clear that her relationship with Adam is the most damaged, yet the most important. But while the two of them continue to have problems with one another, there is a connection that she has with him that you cannot deny. It’s not healthy, but she is drawn to him unlike anyone else in her life. She’s confused whether or not she wants to be there for him or if she feels obligated to. Sure, she feels awful that he got hit by a truck, but is she really only caring for him because she feels guilty?

That’s something Girls does really well and how it’s a show that deals with reality in a way that makes it easy to relate to. The characters are shown in vulnerable situations that can describe how they’re feeling more than any monologue could. Believe it or not, this is something rare with shows, especially comedies.

The only talk of work and business in the entire episode comes from Marnie, who has just been downsized from her job. Out of all the girls, she’s been the most successful and the one who seeks about her career in a serious way, so this is a major blow to her already troubled life. She’s single, lonely, lost Hannah as a roommate and best friend, and now is out of a job. Things aren’t going well for Marnie and things take an unexpected turn when she hooks up with Elijah and visits Charlie at the end of the episode just so she has someone to lie with. I love the character of Marnie because she’s so insecure with herself, but acts like she has all of her things under control.

And then there’s Shoshanna, who’s trying to get over her feelings for Ray, but at the party the two of them hook up. Shoshanna, to me, brings the most comedy out of the entire group because she seems like an outcast from Clueless. But she contains a great deal of innocence and sweetness that the other girls lack, which makes her a lot more likeable. While everyone else says or do things with alternate motives, Shoshanna seems to say what’s actually on her mind and how she feels. Or when that doesn’t happen her body language definitely says it all.

Meanwhile, Jessa and Thomas-John are still enjoying their honeymoon, but while Jessa’s the happiest, you just know that everything she’s doing is temporary. But this is the world of Girls. All of the characters are trying their best to live in the “now.” Hannah wants to leave her past with Adam behind her and goes forth with the idea by seeing Sandy at the conclusion of the episode. But how can she just forget about Adam? How can Marnie forget about Charlie? Where will Shoshanna and Ray stand after the party? The world of Girls is a complicated and dramatic one, but one we’re all used to by now. The real question is how long are they going to be able to resist their past? My guess is not very long.


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