New Girl – “Cabin”

Season Two, Episode Twelve


Grade: B

After the first season, it was clear that Nick and Jess had something brewing that was stronger than just a friendship. There was this electricity they shared, like Jim and Pam from the first season of The Office, but instead of hooking these two up the writers are keeping them at a safe distance. And I don’t mind this, in fact I prefer this because we all saw how quickly The Office fizzled out after Jim and Pam got married.

But back to New Girl, Jess is with the tall and handsome doctor, Sam, and Nick is with the wild and sexy stripper, Angie. The two couples go to Sam’s boss’s cabin for a couples retreat. Jess has very high expectations for a perfect weekend with Sam, but needs Nick around because she’s nervous. From the start, Nick and Angie are having the better time, coming in on Angie’s motorcycle, shacking up before they even unpacked, and even shooting guns outside. While this isn’t Jess’s way of having fun, she reluctantly joins because Sam wants to.

This leads to Jess shooting out the power and the couples drinking absinthe throughout the night, sparking some aggressive conversations and revealing truths to one another. Specifically Nick and Jess, they attack each other that neither of them are viewing their relationships truthfully, and they are both correct. Jess’s relationship isn’t perfect and Nick doesn’t have a clue where him and Angie stand. At the end, Angie leaves Nick and Jess is there for him on their seesaw of consolation.

Meanwhile, Schmidt is trying to help Winston explore his “blackness,” which includes eating soul food and trying to score some crack in a very shady neighborhood. Not quite sure what this story-line was about, but I would’ve liked it a lot more if it tried to be more self-aware with its situation of having a black man in an overly-white show. From the sitcoms I watch, Happy Endings and Ben & Kate also have black characters that don’t act like anyone you would see on BET. It’s a great idea for a story-line, I just think it was executed very poorly.

There was a Cece sighting, though it was only for about a minute as Schmidt tells her and Nick about his plan for Winston. Other than that, it was a solid episode for New Girl. The funniest parts were the couples after they drank absinthe, such as Jess playing a solo game of charades, Sam’s inability to speak and Nick’s difficulty eating a grape.


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