Ben and Kate – “B-Squad”

Season One, Episode Eleven


Grade: C+

I was glad to have one of my favorite new shows back on the air to entertain my Tuesday night, but maybe my expectations were a bit too high because Ben and Kate was very disappointing last night. As the title suggests, the main story-line of the episode dealt with Kate wanting Maddie to get into the “gifted” group in her class but finds out that she didn’t pass the test and is now in the class referred to as the B-Squad. Kate can’t come to terms with this and steals the gifted class’ curriculum.

Meanwhile, Ben is destroyed when he finds out that his old friend took his idea (that he sold to him in college for beers) and now owns a successful pizza chain. Ben somehow brings all the kids from the B-Squad home and Ben and Kate take them on an adventure that I’m pretty sure is borderline abduction, but it was for a good cause.

No parent wants to see their child fail and Kate’s reaction when Maddie doesn’t get into the gifted class was authentic to her character and to how any parent would react. Maddie is definitely a smart kid and there is definitely a chance that she failed the test just to stay close with her friend. There is also the hint that the gifted class are for the upper class families, something that is definitely relatable to everyone.

The heart was there this episode, it was just done in a very goofy way (yes, goofier than usual). Plus, the story-line with BJ’s mom visiting her was absolutely dreadful. I’ll admit that Tommy acting like Paolo might’ve been the funniest part of “B-Squad,” but after one minute of BJ and her mom and I wanted the episode to end. Hopefully this story-line is put to rest.

Anyway, it was great to have the Fox’s back on television, but they should stick with the chemistry that works: Ben with Tommy and Kate with BJ. Oh, and Kate definitely needs another boyfriend asap, that’s when she’s the cutest and funniest.


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