The Big Bang Theory – “The Egg Salad Equivalency”

Season Six, Episode Twelve


Grade: A

All right, this is the best episode from The Big Bang Theory in a while. Hopefully this is a sign of greater things to come for 2013, but for now I’ll just accept this as how this series still has some pop left. What I enjoy about The Big Bang Theory so much is the original dynamic of the geeks simply hanging out and doing their geeky things. Once the girls got involved and then relationships formed, the show changed into a more traditional kind of sitcom, one that we’ve all seen before and frankly one that we really don’t want to see again.

So when this episode focused heavily on Sheldon and Leonard, there was a lot more room for the jokes we all loved from the first season. Just the opening scene of them playing Giant Jenga with Sheldon wearing a hard-hat and then Raj going on one of his geeky rants about cereal mascots were fantastic. But the episode is split into two story-lines: Alex hits on Leonard and he doesn’t tell Penny, and how Sheldon is going to deal with Alex hitting on Leonard. Of course, Sheldon can only think about how this affects him, which results in a hilarious meeting with him and Jeanine in the Human Resources department.

Through the six seasons of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon has certainly done plenty of inappropriate things to and around people, but how many of those things can compare to him referring to the black, HR woman as a slave? The interaction between Sheldon and Jeanine showed great chemistry between the two actors. And while Sheldon attempts to save his butt by throwing his friends under the bus, he just digs a deeper hole for everyone including himself.

But as for Leonard and Penny’s story-line, it was nice to see the insecurities switched from Leonard to Penny, but he assures her that nothing is going to happen. I’m wondering if Alex is going to stick around much longer, because if Leonard and Penny ever have a fight it could be interesting to see if Leonard runs to Alex, who is obviously a better fit for Leonard than Penny.

Unfortunately, because this episode contained so much of the guys, I’m afraid the next episode will concentrate on the girls. That’s something I’m not looking forward to, but once in a while there is a great line or two from Amy so maybe it’ll be worth it.


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