Happy Endings – “No-Ho-Ho”

Season Three, Episode Seven


Grade: A

Happy Endings has a tendency to sort of aimlessly parade its characters randomly throughout an episode, yet somehow keeping them all together in a tight-knit group of comedy. It’s not a sitcom for everyone, but it’s definitely one that becomes richer on each addition view because that’s really the only way to take in all of the quick-wit and jokes at a neck-breaking rate. That being said, their Christmas episode was nothing short of excellent on every standard possible.

The main story-line has Jane admitting her real birthday is on December 25th. Yes, she’s a Christmas baby and hates it because you’re birthday is forgotten when it’s on the most beloved holiday of the year. To try and make her feel better, the gang proposes they postpone Christmas to celebrate Jane’s birthday, or as Brad called it “Jane-mas.” One problem though, you can’t just ignore Christmas on its day and the gang realizes how tough it is to ignore their holiday spirit such as Max’s eggnog drinking problem and Alex’s pathological fascination with unwrapping gifts.

Allow Happy Endings to turn this awesome premise into a half-hour of over-the-top situations such as Max pouring a carton of eggnog and a bottle of whiskey down his throat. One of my favorite moments was when Brad couldn’t resist dancing along with his hip-hop Santa doll, which also later on made for the season’s best, last scene so far as the whole gang danced with hip-hop Santa.

Meanwhile, Penny and Dave are off doing their own thing for most of the episode. Penny goes to Dave to find the perfect gift for her boyfriend since Dave is the “Gift Whisperer.” Dave’s pretentiousness has never been funnier than this episode (his explanation of Treme had me rolling on the floor). All of the build up came down to the climax where Max’s backpack full of eggnog shoots out after Alex accidentally stabs it with a letter opener. This was the second time the gang was sprayed by a substance this episode, the first time was when Jane pepper-sprayed them for surprising her on her birthday early in the morning.

While I’ve been disappointed with the Christmas episodes on some of my other favorite sitcoms, this one definitely made up for it. Happy Endings took a unique plot and meshed it with its hilarious characters while still containing a level of sweetness. This was Happy Endings at its best.


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