Oscar Talk 2012: Do Critics Awards Mean a Thing?


I was doing a little research today based on the critics awards to see if they should be relevant at all when predicting the Oscars, and even though everything that leads up until Oscar night doesn’t make anything set in stone, I feel that the critics awards shed light to certain contenders. Let’s take a glance at this year’s critics awards and which movies have been racking up the attention. Below are a few Oscar contenders and listed underneath are the cities from which critics groups rewarded it with its best movie of the year award.

Zero Dark Thirty:
– Austin
– Boston
– Boston Online
– Chicago
– New York
– New York Online
– Washington
– Utah

The Master:
– Kansas City
– San Francisco
– Toronto

– Florida
– Oklahoma
– Nevada
– Phoenix
– San Diego
– Southeastern
– St. Louis

Silver Linings Playbook:
– Detroit
– Satellites

– Dallas/Fort

As you can see, Zero Dark Thirty has been capturing the most critics awards with Argo just behind it. It’s also surprising that Lincoln seems to be in the lead in the Best Picture race, but has only won ONE critics award for Best Picture of the year (Dallas/Fort). But what does this mean? Well, maybe nothing, but let me list last year’s critics awards. As we know, The Artist won Best Picture, but The Descendants was giving it a run for its money during the critics awards period.

The Artist:
– Boston
– Las Vegas
– London
– New York
– Phoenix
– San Diego
– Vancouver
– Washington

The Descendants:
– Dallas-Fort
– Florida
– Kansas City
– Los Angeles
– Satellite
– Southeastern

Last year, The Artist was the clear favorite to win Best Picture after the guild awards, but prior to that it looked like a toss-up between two independent films. What’s important here is that The Artist still had more critics awards than The Descendants, including some major critic circles such as Boston, New York and Washington. Those three critics circles have given their Best Movie of the Year award to Zero Dark Thirty. Coincidence?

Then again, there was the year of 2010 where practically EVERY critics awards went to The Social Network while The King’s Speech ended up winning Best Picture. For the record, that doesn’t happen too often but it puts everything in perspective. Critics aren’t the people who vote for the Oscars so after everything is said and done, do they really matter?

Here’s a fun fact though. One critics awards that ended up picking The King’s Speech instead of The Social Network was Phoenix. Also, Phoenix was one that picked The Artist instead of The Descendants last year. So who did Phoenix pick this year? Argo.


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