Boardwalk Empire – “Margate Sands”

Season Three, Episode Twelve


Grade: A

So long Gyp Rosetti, you incredible mob-villain that single-handedly made the third season of Boardwalk Empire worth watching. We all knew it was coming, except I was hopeful that the war between Nucky and Rosetti wouldn’t end this season, but that would’ve been too unorthodox for a drama like this. In a very satisfying, albeit not surprising, season finale many things come to an end.

For instance, Richard Harrow’s struggle with Gillian throughout the season to do what’s right for Tommy. After Rosetti’s men takes over Gillian’s home, she insists that Tommy stays since it’s his only home. Harrow had other plans that he executed by blowing away several armed men in the scene I found myself standing up and applauding to. We see how strong of a character Richard Harrow is after his engaging story this season once his best friend left the show. He’s one of the characters that you truly like and hope the best for, and while his future with Tommy and Julia is up in the air, you’ll continue to hope that the war veteran’s story has a happy ending.

Also, ties are cut between Rothstein, Lucky and Meyer as Rothstein takes their heroin and uses it to persuade Masseria to join him in exchange for pulling out his men from Rosetti’s power. Rothstein has always been a slick weasel and one that’s hard to trust, though is still trust-worthy when he gives you his word. I can’t say that I felt too bad for Lucky and Meyer though since they ratted Nucky out that led to Owen’s death. It will be interesting to see what they do next if they continue to be a part of the show.

After Masseria pulls his men out from Rosetti’s power, Chalky and Capone’s men still ambush them on the road, leaving none alive. While this certainly won’t go over well with Masseria, Nucky has made a point to stay the hell out of Atlantic City. Also, Margaret rejects Nucky’s money at the end of the episode, showing that she seems to be done with him for good. This struggle will certainly continue on to the next season, but there are just too much that went on between the two to amend.

I admit that there were moments during the third season where I felt the show was meandering with some of its story-lines, but the finale really tied most of the stories together very nicely. There was no Van Alden this episode, but he’s still in Chicago between Capone and O’Bannion so we’ll see more of him next season. More things to look forward to next season? Mellon calling Esther Randolph and tipping her off to Rothstein, oh and Nucky rebuilding his image and Atlantic City once again.


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