The Walking Dead – “When the Dead Come Knocking”

Season Three, Episode Seven

Grade: B+

Finally what we all knew was going to happen is happening. Rick and company are headed to Woodbury, and the Governor is scared. Very scared. I guess he does have reason to be, since Rick’s small group was able to clear out the walker-infested prison that the Governor thought was “impossible.” Oh, and Team Governor has been torturing Glen and Maggie, a no-no to the very tight family of Team Rick. Now with Michonne on Rick’s side (though all of this felt pretty rushed right?) it looks like Team Governor is about to get the fight brought to them.

But let’s back up for a bit. What was up with that guy in the cabin? He was surprised that there were walkers? He was going to call the police because there were intruders in his home? Was this guy serious? Anyway, Carol is back and seems to be the one who’s going to care for Judith (that’s the name Carl picked out). Rick questions Michonne and she tells him that Glen and Maggie have been taken to Woodbury. In almost a blink of an eye, Rick goes from a moment away from killing her to trusting her and allowing her on the rescue mission. I thought this would’ve been the perfect time to learn a little something about Michonne, you know since we practically know NOTHING about her. It took Rick a long time to trust the prisoners, but only a minute to trust the sword-wielding Michonne. I guess she just has that kind of face.

While nothing major actually happens during this episode, it was still very good because it maintained what The Walking Dead does best, which is showing not telling. When the characters get too talky, the show loses its pace and strength (a part of that is because the show lacks a strong chemistry between its actors like other premium shows), but when the characters barely talk at all is when The Walking Dead is at its best.

Before I forget, how bad-ass was Glen when he busted through the wooden chair and took out the zombie? That definitely injected more fear in Team Governor because if that wimpy Asian could do that, just imagine what the rest of them can do. But Glen’s heroics is just the new face of Team Rick and their confidence in zombie slaying. They’re all brutal and when they work together they’re a machine that (so far) cannot be stopped. Now they’re taking the fight to Woodbury and I can’t imagine they won’t get their way.

So with only one episode left until the mid-season hiatus, what can we expect? Well, Maggie gave up their prison and the Governor is sending scouts, but at the same time Rick is already at the gates of Woodbury. Even if Rick is successful at rescuing Glen and Maggie, either the scouts are going to take the prison (since Carl is the only defense) or Team Governor will send out an all-out attack at the prison. While Team Rick is a killing-machine, Team Governor has the numbers and the resources. It’s going to be quite the battle and I assume by the end of the mid-season finale, the fight will be long from done.


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