Revolution – “Nobody’s Fault But Mine”

Season One, Episode Ten

Grade: A

On the season finale of Revolution, Charlie is still feeling the effects of getting her head knocked around so Miles brings her to a friend in Philadelphia. While everyone rests, Miles sneaks into Monroe’s headquarters but not before Tom Neville busts through the doors and captures Charlie, Nora and Aaron. Finally the Matheson family is reunited, though there is an uneven reaction when Charlie and her mom see each other. But Monroe is done with playing games and orders Rachel to complete the amplifier with her kids’ lives on the line.

Meanwhile, Miles breaks in and holds his sword to Neville’s wife’s neck. In exchange of Nora and Aaron, Miles spares her life and lock them up in a closet. As Charlie and Danny are locked in a cell, Charlie shows how tough she’s become on the trip (spending that trip with bad-ass Miles didn’t hurt) and breaks her and Danny out. Charlie, Danny, and Nora attempt to leave while Miles goes back to rescue Rachel. At this time, Rachel completes the amplifier and courageously kills Strausser.

Okay, so four are safe and only two to go! But when Rachel and Miles see each other again, their moment turns from surprise to anger with a right hook to Miles’ face. If they weren’t so caught up in their moment, they had plenty of enough time to destroy the amplifier, but yeah that wouldn’t have worked well for the following season. Anyway, Rachel escapes and the highly anticipated showdown between Miles and Monroe happens! They do a small dance while pointing guns at each other and to no surprise, Monroe asks Miles back to the Militia. But Miles sees that Monroe has changed and is too disturbed to join forces with him again. Their swashbuckling is cut short when a few Militia men cause Miles to run from the fight.

Aaron explodes the wall and everyone gets out free! But not before they see a fully functional helicopter fly off the ground with its machine gun pointed at their direction. Pretty cool, huh?

While I’m disappointed that the finale didn’t include Randall and Grace at all, it was great to see flashbacks of Miles and Monroe. They really were close as brothers in the past, but there is still a huge gap that doesn’t clarify what happened between them that caused Miles to try and assassinate Monroe. Of course with a second season in order, there are plenty of flashbacks to be seen and a lot of explanations to be understood. But this finale filled my appetite in every way.

So what’s in store for the second half? The first dealt with the immediate story-line of a bunch of people traveling to save Danny, but on the way we learned that was just a spec to what was going on in the world. There were pendants, the Militia, the Resistance, and then Grace and Randall. Now that Monroe has a pendant and an amplifier, what is he going to do with it and how much energy will he spend trying to track down Miles and company? Obviously Randall and Grace have a functioning pendant, so that leaves ten more in the world. There is a lot of potential that this series has to really be drawn out with a pendant scavenger hunt spliced with an ongoing war and the struggle to restore humanity.

But aside from the great premise, something the show did extremely well was made us care about the characters. While Charlie got under my skin for most of the first half of the season, she really came into her own and became an important asset to the group. Everyone has their strengths and the group is working like a well-oiled machine. They remind me of the Georgia group of survivors in The Walking Dead and how they evolved into a ruthless family. Now we have another group of survivors to root for.

The second half of the season is scheduled for the end of March, 2013.


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