Ben and Kate – “Reunion”

Season One, Episode Eight

Grade: B+

Going into the Thanksgiving episode for Ben and Kate, I imagined a family-centric episode with Ben trying to help Kate prepare the dinner, almost how Friends used to structure their annual holiday episodes. But Ben and Kate are better than that and take the opportunity to tackle their Thanksgiving episode with another tradition people partake in, reunions.

Beginning the episode in typical goofy Ben fashion, him and Tommy bring in a live turkey and looks for a place to hide it from Kate, except that she’s watching them the whole time. They explain how they saved the turkey from being slaughtered and even Kate warms up to the turkey when she makes eye contact with it. But the real story revolves around Kate’s high school reunion, one that she’s very nervous about. She captures the real-life jitters of attending a reunion. There are going to be expectations to meet and you’re going to see the people who have succeeded and the ones who haven’t. Also, this is a chance to bring Will and Kate together in an awkward situation questioning if they’re officially dating each other.

Kate has the majority of the screen-time this episode as she tries to overcome being called “Junkface” in high school by the vocally talented Amber Stevens, but in the end she realizes that she’s happy being a single mom and can finally call Will her boyfriend. But wait, it’s not a Ben and Kate episode without Ben doing something crazy and that’s the announcement that Ben and BJ (Beatrice June apparently) are married. Ben’s reaction when he discovers he was juked by BJ is priceless, but they are still very married and I’m wondering how long they’re going to keep that an actual thing in the sitcom.

I’ve expressed how much I enjoy this show, but let me elaborate on that thought. Ben and Kate has a very well-balanced cast of characters, but it’s not that one or the other are flat out ridiculous or plays the dead-pan guy, they all share those opportunities. Kate can be as ridiculous as her older brother, but will also lay the law down especially when her daughter is involved. In fact, that’s usually when our adults leave their shenanigans behind, whenever Maddie is involved.

Ben and Kate continues to make its audience smile and I will be greatly disappointed if it’s not renewed for a second season.


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