Revolution – “Kashmir”

Season One, Episode Nine

Grade:  B+

In this deeply emotional episode, we dive deep into our characters’ inner thoughts as they travel through an underground tunnel towards Monroe. With the help of some members of the Resistance, the group has a fighting chance until Charlie steps on a mine causing the entrance of the tunnel to cave in. With oxygen becoming scarce, the characters start to hallucinate.

Revolution continues to surprise me in the slightest ways and this episode achieved this by lacking any type of flashbacks. What does happen is each character reveals what is haunting them that we’ve already seen in previous flashbacks. Miles is troubled by his former best friend, Monroe, and what he’ll do if he’s offered another chance in the Militia. On the other hand, Aaron is still thinking about how he abandoned his wife.

As the group neared the exit, a member of the Resistance reveals himself as an undercover Militia member and takes Miles hostage. Charlie saves the day by shooting him with an arrow, but not without being grazed by a bullet and being knocked out from the fall. She wakes up to the presence of her father in a very heart-felt scene between daughter and diseased father. Everything feels so real and the fact that she is so close with her father again makes it that more difficult to leave him when she hears Miles calling her, but she does wake up and Miles, Nora and Aaron are overjoyed that she did.

In the end, we see Rachel working on the amplifier that is supposed to widen the range for the pendant, but Monroe’s suspicion causes him to bring in Dr. Jaffe to inspect the device. Jaffe concludes that she’s building an elaborate time bomb and Monroe sends her off to be executed, but she quickly kills Jaffe and reminds Monroe that he still needs her.

This was one strong episode putting almost all of the main characters at the center of attention. Going into the Fall finale, Miles and company are ready to invade Monroe’s headquarters and from the looks of things, we should finally see a real Monroe/Miles showdown. I am a bit disappointed that we didn’t get any more information on Randall and Grace with their pendant tracking system, but that’s just one of the many questions that still remain.

The one problem I do have with the show is that we definitely have our core group of main characters and despite the predicaments they find themselves in (like stepping on an active mine) I’m not convinced that the show will kill off any of these main characters. It seems that Maggie’s death was supposed to keep us on our toes about this very idea, but it’s clear that everyone who is dying are just extras that are thrown in with the group every episode. Of course, an important death during the Fall finale will change all of this, though of course we know Charlie is still not going to die.

Will Charlie finally be able to rescue Danny? What’s going to happen when Charlie finds out that her mom is still alive? Will Miles be able to turn down any offer from Monroe? Can’t wait for next week!


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