How I Met Your Mother – “The Stamp Tramp”

Season 8, Episode 7

Grade: C

Ted watches some old college tapes of himself, Robin helps Barney decide what strip club to become attached to next and Marshall attempts to get his old law school classmate, Brad, out of a rut and a job at his firm. But first, the title of the episode.

The gang tells Marshall that he’s too lenient when giving someone or something his stamp of approval and that he shouldn’t have vouched for Brad so easily, but he stays with his gut and even through a terrible interview, keeps on backing Brad up. Meanwhile, Ted’s trying to find something he gave his stamp of approval to before someone else did first.

Barney makes Robin his agent to find the next strip club he will frequent, but calls her out when she takes a bribe. Poking fun at Lebron James’ decision to the Miami Heat, Barney finally chooses Mouth Beach. Finally, Marshall appears at the most important trial of his life because so it turns out, Brad is working for the pharmaceutical company Marshall is up against. Marshall’s boss gives him the ultimatum, win or he’s fired.

And like typical How I Met Your Mother style, they further the story arc during the very last scene of the episode. After spending the night at the strip club, Barney kisses Robin but she puts an end to that quickly. The end.

It wasn’t a great episode. Hell, it was hardly a good episode because the whole point of a comedy is to at least laugh a little bit. There were no new developments in any character and the story-line is still at a standstill with Barney and Robin. There was a heart-warming moment when Lily found out that Ted’s only unique stamp of approval was telling Marshall that she was a great girl who he should marry when he had doubts. It’s always dependable to have Ted in the middle of putting a smile on someone else’s face other than his own, but as this eighth season keeps moving forward, unfortunately Ted’s love life is stuck at a red light.

Damn, and I was expecting another Slapsgiving episode…


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