Homeland – “I’ll Fly Away”

As much grief as I’ve been giving Dana and her story-line for the past few weeks, I actually enjoyed her drama this episode and it’s a good thing I did since she had a lot of screen-time during “I’ll Fly Away.” But first, let’s discuss Brody and Carrie.

Brody is the CIA’s only hope to tracking an attack on America. Carrie knows it. The CIA knows it. Brody knows it. And even after that, we’re still being beat over the head with the reminder. Anyway, Brody is snapping right before our eyes as Jessica defends Dana’s good intention to turn herself in and doesn’t accept anything going on with the CIA as a reason to avoid the police. She wants Brody to put the family before the nation and as the viewer it’s hard to side with her on this, but there were so many lies told that I doubt Jessica really believes Brody’s working for the CIA.

All of this pressure gets to Brody and he blows a meeting with Roya. He seems like he’s going off the grid, blowing up bridges with Roya and with the CIA, but Carrie does her best to drag him back in by spending the night with him at a motel. This results in the audio of Carrie and Brody having sex broadcasted for Quinn, Saul, and everyone else to hear. Is she really doing everything she can to fix Brody’s head and convince him to return back to his mission? Saul wants to believe so. Or is she just falling back in love with him again like Quinn believes? I’ll go with it’s a little bit of both.

Now onto Dana’s story. She ends up spending most of the episode at Mike’s place, which at first seemed odd to me but then Jessica clears that up reminded us that she was over his place a lot during the years Brody was captive. Mike was practically a father to Dana and Chris and was going to move in to live with the family. When Dana asks if giving them up was hard to do, Mike tries his best not to crumble at the fact. Also, Dana tells her mom that Carrie was the reason why they didn’t step foot into the police department, and the two share a moment together, sort of like the opposite of what we’re used to seeing: an adult telling their child bad news.

It’s not easy for anyone to match up to Damian Lewis and Claire Danes, but I tip my hat to Morgan Saylor this episode because she really pulled off her scenes. Her dripping emotion after apologizing to the dead woman’s daughter was authentic and made me really care about what Dana’s going through a lot more than seeing her as a dumb teenager. Maybe soon it’ll be Chris’ turn to have a story-line soon?

I can’t conclude my thoughts without mentioning the ending. While most of the episode was an unfolding drama, the final fifteen minutes was your typical Homeland thriller. Brody is brought to an open field by Roya with Carrie and Virgil tailing them. Unknown to what’s going to happen, Carrie ignores Quinn’s orders to stand down and walks closer to see what’s happening to Brody. Almost out of nowhere, a helicopter swoops down, picks up Brody, and takes off. Brody is being held up but finally reunites with a clean-shaven Abu Nazir. What an ending.

Can Brody keep his composure face-to-face with Abu Nazir? It’s a tug-of-war with the turned marine turned CIA-undercover-agent and I’m honestly not sure if he can take what’s about to come at him. While Damian Lewis is too big of a part in Homeland, is that the only reason to keep his character alive at this point. The CIA were close to just cutting him loose and locking him up for good. Clearly, Roya doesn’t trust Brody after his little temper tantrum and if Abu Nazir doesn’t either, what’s keeping them from killing Brody off?

But maybe they’ll turn Brody again to spy on the CIA’s activities and then Brody will be telling so many lies his pants will actually catch fire.


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