Boardwalk Empire – “A Man, A Plan…”

The best episode of the season has finally arrived and sets the wheels in a continuous motion for the final two episodes until season three will come to an end. Involved are all the main characters and finally a break from Gillian. I’ll start with one of my favorite characters Van Alden, who actually begins with some good luck with bootlegging but ends up being brought straight to Capone for selling on his territory. He’s questioned about O’Banion and I assume he’ll tell everything that he knows. I feel that Van Alden is in danger of being vulnerable in the show because I don’t really see how his story relates with what’s happening anymore. The clear war is between Nucky in Atlantic City and Rosetti in Tabor Height, New Jersey and also New York City. But I hope he stays for a while because his character is arguably the most dynamic.

Anyway, we see a lot more of Gaston Means as he persuades Nucky and Harry to give him $40,000 each to kill off Jess Smith. While I don’t think Means would’ve backed out on the murder, Jess does take him off the hook quite easily despite pointing a gun at Means for a few minutes. That Means is a sly, greasy man isn’t he? As for Richard Harrow, he’s becoming closer to Julia and every episode things just get better for them. Because I love Harrow’s character, I’m not looking forward to when Gillian messes everything up for him.

But now to where the title of the episode comes from, Owen is the man of the hour. He’s still sleeping with Katey and just as she’s expressing her worry about him and Margaret, he proposes to her (or at least that’s what I think he did) in a very nonchalant way but it still brings a big smile to her face. Not so much later, he reminds Margaret of their planned departure to run away from Atlantic City together. He suggests St. Louis, but for them it doesn’t matter exactly where they end up, just as long as they leave the hell that has become Atlantic City.

The tricky thing about all of this is that we don’t really know Owen very well. We’ve been with him a decent amount of time but the show never actually penned in much development in his character. He’s always been the charming Irishman that Margaret eyed from the get-go. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty and he’s very good at his job, but this gets him into trouble when he attempts to kill Masseria.

Luciano and Lansky propose their heroin plan to Rothstein, but he doesn’t budge telling them that even though he likes the idea, it’s just bad timing since there is a war errupting. By the way, I loved the shot of Rothstein hitting the one-ball to the other end of the table, setting up a future shot instead of attempting a difficult, bank shot.

So they take their business to Masseria who isn’t interested until they provide him with information that Nucky’s planning an attack on him. And as events unfold, Owen is returned to Nucky in a box. Honestly, you cannot say that you didn’t see this coming, but it’s still surprising nonetheless. While the idea of Owen and Margaret leaving and riding off into the sunset to live happily ever after was one to swell your heart, it was never going to happen in Boardwalk Empire. I do admit that Nucky’s reaction to how hysterical Margaret was to Owen’s death was spectacular. At first he was confused but it didn’t take long to connect the dots.

The pieces keep moving. Nucky gets weaker and Rosetti gets stronger. Who thinks that Nucky’s going to call on Mr. Dependable Richard Harrow next? While that certainly doesn’t fare well with me since Nucky’s right-hand men don’t have a very good track record to this point, it’ll be nice seeing Richard kicking someone else’s ass other than Julia’s father. Oh and one final note, Margaret’s pregnant with Owen’s baby. What is she going to do now?


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