The Office – “The Whale”

This is the seventh episode of the final season and this all seems like the final class on the last day of school. We’re all just staring at that clock ticking away as it gets closer to 3 p.m. And then we can finally rejoice with happiness that it’s all over and congratulate each other for making it to the very end. But for now, we keep watching that second hand tick away.

In “The Whale,” Andy is still away from the office on his boat and even though it’s only been two days, it seems like he’s very close to being shipwrecked. Meanwhile, Wallace informs Dwight that he’s landed a very important job, selling paper to a woman from the Scranton White Pages. It makes sense to send their best salesman to land this huge client, but the office focuses on Dwight’s inability to talk to women. It’s funny at times like when he looks like the bobble-head version of himself, nodding and smiling while trying to keep eye contact. Other than that, it’s nothing we haven’t seen before from Dwight.

It’s surprising to see that the woman client is Jan. It’s almost a scene out of a horror film without the creepy and surprising score to heighten the mood, but Pam’s face is filled with terror when she realizes who’s office she’s standing in the middle of. It turned out that Dwight just had to be himself and do anything it took to make the sale, even if that involved giving her Clark.

Meanwhile, Angela confides in Oscar about her speculation that her husband is cheating on her with someone in his yoga class. Together, they spy on him. Angela dismisses the idea when he sees the girl he was with kissing her boyfriend, but Oscar continues to watch when he becomes overly-friendly with another man in class. Oscar blurts out that Robert might be gay and Angela glares at him when he calls Oscar immediately after his yoga class. It’s time to put an end to this story-line, but I feel The Office will drag this out a little bit longer. Poor Angela and her terrible choice in guys.

Finally, Jim is on a business call with the members of the business venture he’s up for. He admits he’s actually excited for this, something he’s never felt working at Dunder Mifflin. But the guys break it to him that because he’s not with the rest of the guys, it’s making it very difficult to function with him on the team. It’s not certain if Jim’s going to get the can or not, but for now his story-line is up in the air.

As for the season coming to an end, it’s impossible not to keep a close eye on all of our major characters to see where they’re going to end up. If this opportunity does work out for Jim, it wouldn’t be the best way to send off our happy office couple but it will complete their story at Dunder Mifflin.

But episode in-and-out, Dwight remains the only really interesting character out of the bunch. While his shenanigans are nothing new, his persona remains strong in the show especially when he faces situations with dealing with other people. Here, Dwight shines as a torn individual between his personal life and his career, with his co-workers caught in-between the storm. It might even be good enough for a spin-off… maybe.


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