How I Met Your Mother – “Splitsville”

There is a lot of sex talk in this episode and surprisingly none of it coming from Barney, actually that makes sense because it’s more lack-of-sex talk than anything else. Nick has pulled his groin muscle from playing on Marshall’s basketball team and therefore him and Robin have been forced to bathe in the non-physical part of their relationship. Unfortunately, this opens Robin’s eyes about how stupid Nick really is. She says she’s going to end things with him, but simply can’t get the hints through to Nick’s thick head.

Meanwhile, Marvin has been quite a handful for Marshall and Lily and they’ve been sex-deprived for quite some time. In a typical generous Ted move, he takes Marvin off of their hands so they can get busy, which hilariously only takes a split second that shocks Ted. How I Met Your Mother is at its best when it can be plain silly with these moments.

But this episode is still just a distraction to the quest of Ted locating his future wife. Unfortunately for those who are still expecting the show to drop hints on that, don’t hold your breath. They have to resolve the whole Barney-Robin thing before moving forward to where Ted walks past a woman holding a yellow umbrella. At least that takes a giant leap in the right direction.

It’s a shame though, because Nick totally killed it in this episode. The fact he couldn’t pick up on any of Robin’s hints and how he got completely emotional when he couldn’t play basketball, made him a character that I would’ve really enjoyed to stay on the show longer. But Barney gives a long speech declaring his love for Robin, which pushes Nick away and probably for good on this show. He’ll be missed.

Something that I miss on HIMYM is their misdirection episodes. While they were too abundant during the third season, they’ve dramatically slowed down on the amounts of twists during an episode-long story. Instead, HIMYM is concentrating on the individual relationships that are slowly falling into place. Robin and Barney are going to end up together, but how? I just hope they keep addressing Ted’s love life because soon, no one’s going to care how he met his wife (unless you’ve already gave up).


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