Happy Endings – “Boys II Menorah”

If these three episodes are any indicator for the third season, then we can expect the ridiculous, over-the-top comedy to continue at a neck-breaking speed. And that is, after all, what is so great about Happy Endings. What started out as a Friends sub-plot sitcom has grown into the quick-wit, fast-speaking, slapstick comedy for those who are tired of those family comedies way too content to stay in their comfort zone like Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory. Though Happy Endings isn’t doing anything unique, they’re doing the regular prime-time gig with flare and style.

In “Boys II Menorah” (how does one not chuckle at that?) Max and Brad team up as a hype-duo for bar mitzvahs, but when Brad decides to hype by himself, that results in a hilarious hype-off scene on the dance floor. And in a hype-off, there are no winners, only losers wrestling for the limbo stick and being thrown into the layered cake. It’s always a pleasure seeing the two most ridiculous characters of the show team up to take on their shenanigans. After Max teaches Brad how to live like a hobo in “Sabado Free-Gante,” they up their level as Boys II Menorah. Great job on both their parts.

Meanwhile, Dave and Alex try to spice things up to prevent falling into familiarity that ended up tearing them apart and into that disaster of a wedding. Alex attempts to do the whole house-painting-turn-to-sexy-playful-painting, but accidentally gets paint in Dave’s eyes. And then Dave tries to get Alex to a very romantic fake-Paris dinner with the help from Jane, except she made the fake plane tickets a bit too authentic for Alex. But the heart of the show still lies within these two and there wasn’t anything sweeter than the two of them sitting on the curb with their hands tied behind their backs, kissing in front of a poster for Paris.

While a handful of other shows are slowing down or have already begun their inevitable end, Happy Endings is just picking up. Can’t wait for what the gang has in store for their Thanksgiving episode.


One Response to Happy Endings – “Boys II Menorah”

  1. Children Bow Hair says:

    This is certainly excellent cool. I’ve been appearing by way of a bunch online and also really loved the adaptation.

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