Boardwalk Empire – “The Milkmaid’s Lot”

What a fantastic episode this was after the big bang that concluded last week’s, leaving Kent dead and Nucky with a concussion along with other scrapes and bruises. One thing’s for sure, Nucky is not well after the blast and his head is extremely foggy, with blurry vision and lapses in memory. But on top of all of his ailments, he is one pissed off man and swears to seek revenge against Gyp Rosetti, except he needs some help since Masseria is behind Gyp.

Meanwhile, Richard Harrow takes the night off babysitting Tommy and takes Julia to a dance at the American Legion. Despite some teasing, Harrow proves he’s quite the dancer and Julia lays a wet on right on Harrow’s lips. His night didn’t go completely well though, as Gillian blamed his absence for a mean trick played on Tommy by one of the girls. Tommy walked in on one of the kinder girls while she was with a client. Quite traumatic for the little boy.

And then there’s Margaret, who had a lot to deal with this episode. First, putting up with Nucky’s ill-state and his forgetfulness, having to repeat the same things over and over again. Nucky also frightens Emily during her birthday party by slicing her cake like it was a human. On top of this, Nucky insists Margaret stays when he discusses his intention to kill Rosetti. Hearing this was the final push she needed to decide she’s willing to run away with Owen, and I actually do believe they’re going to leave, or at least try to. The question is will Nucky allow them to or will he track them down.

Finally, Nucky meets with everyone that he calls in, including Rothstein. He gives a great speech and I was almost certain that he was going to get what he wanted, which was everyone’s support against Rosetti and Masseria, but unfortunately everyone walks out unwilling to risk their businesses and their lives for the cause. So where does that leave Nucky? Well, he’s without any support so is he crazy enough to still go up against Rosetti alone? Or will Nucky persuade them after they realize what happened with Remus?

It was very engaging to watch Nucky throughout this episode with his blurry vision and his ringing ears. Always seen as such a strong man whether in politics or getting his hands dirty, Nucky is always standing tall despite his unstable emotional state. But in this episode, he’s as vulnerable as we’ve ever seen him and like a delusional child, we hope can find his way and get back on his feet soon. But while he’s tending to his injuries, things are changing rapidly. Rosetti is back in Tabor Heights and is peaking just as Nucky is slowly weakening. But Nucky wants a war and he’s not the kind to back down from a fight.


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