The Walking Dead – “Say the Word”

We pick off with the news of Lori’s death and the newborn still settling in Rick’s and everyone else’s minds. Daryl and Maggie are quick to leave the prison grounds to search for baby supplies, while Rick basically loses his mind and enters the prison to blow off some steam. He is completely word-less in this episode and only cares about swinging his ax and decapitating zombies left and right. There was never a moment when you feared Rick’s life as he faced dozens of zombies in his way, and that wasn’t because he’s a skilled fighter (which he is), but because at the moment he had nothing to lose. So what if a zombie bit him? He didn’t care and frankly I didn’t care either. Is Rick’s reign over?

In Woodbury, Michonne and Andrea continue their tug-of-war about their housing position. During a party thrown by the Governor, Michonne takes her sword back and ends up slicing a handful of caged walkers. When the Governor confronts her in a semi-threatening way, Michonne holds her sword at his neck. Yes, Michonne is a threat to Woodbury’s way of living, but we’re still as skeptical as she is about the Governor and Woodbury so it’s easy to side with her. But what makes this story work so well is that slight doubt that maybe Woodbury isn’t such a bad place after all (nah, that’s complete BS). So Andrea stays and Michonne leaves, and then Andrea witnesses the gladiator-like sporting event and to no surprise, she didn’t like it.

As of right now, there are two characters that really stand out from the rest of the cast in the show: the Governor and Daryl. Daryl has always been a favorite of mine (and everyone else) because of his hard-nosed ways with a sentimental side. He’s a lone wolf that wants to help out with the group. If there is anyone I want by my side during a zombie apocalypse, it’s Daryl. Meanwhile, the Governor is a trickier fellow thus far. At the surface, he’s a very kind man, giving shelter to people and throwing parties even though their resources are limited. But then again, he’s creepy keeping those floating zombie heads in his back room and brushing his zombie-daughter’s hair.

While Rick is still the main character of The Walking Dead, he’s losing my interest. He was great when he had hope in his life and was the leader of the group of survivors. His conflict with Shane was the highlight of Season 2 and his spat with Lori was interesting, but now he’s seemed to have lost it all and the result is him going Rambo on zombies. And how could he not connect Lori’s death with the newborn? The future doesn’t look very bright for Rick.

It seems like the show is stalling a bit when we all know that the group and Woodbury will soon be acquainted with each other. Right now there isn’t a lot of hope for Rick and company. They’ve set up in a prison with enough food to last for a short while, but in the end what do they have to live for? Once they reach Woodbury, they’ll finally have something to live for. A new life? Hope for a future within the community. Of course there’s still the Governor who has his secret agendas and experiments, but I just wish the show would get on with it and connect the two story-lines soon.

Some Final Thoughts:

– Where is Carol? I don’t think she’s dead, but she’s been MIA. Don’t you think she’ll be the one to play the mother role to the newborn when she returns?
– Maybe Rick sees Carol and that’s what snaps him out of his daze… but then again it’s more like to be that telephone call he received at the end of the episode.
– I sure hope we still see Michonne out in the world because she’s one bad-ass chick. But then again, we’ve been with her for half this season and I still don’t know what her deal is.


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