The Big Bang Theory – “The Habitation Configuration”

In this episode, the focus is on the two couples Sheldon and Amy, and Howard and Bernadette since last episode concentrated on Leonard and Penny. I feel bad for Raj because since he’s the only one in the group without a girlfriend, he’s being phased out and limited to about five minutes of screen-time an episode. Maybe the writers can pen him a significant other soon.

Anyway, Sheldon is recording another episode of “Fun With Flags” with Wil Wheaton as his special guest, but with Amy directing the episode she and Wheaton butt heads and Sheldon watches without any clue. To put salt in the wound, Amy sarcastically suggests Sheldon to take Wheaton to dinner instead of her, and Sheldon agrees. Meanwhile, Howard is still hesitant to move in with Bernadette until Penny and Bernadette team up and call him out on it. But after moving boxes out from his house and into Bernadette’s, it’s clear that he means a lot to his mother and she knows he won’t be happy leaving his mother alone.

Whenever The Big Bang Theory deals with Sheldon and Amy’s relationship, it’s like an instructional video for high-schoolers of what and what not to do. While I do enjoy Sheldon and Amy as individual characters, whenever Sheldon’s naivety is the concentration of an episode it’s really hit or miss. That’s where the show has shifted its gears during the past few seasons. Spending more time with Sheldon-Amy and Howard-Bernadette, we’re dealing with two guys with a child-like mentality, confused about what to expect in a relationship or a marriage. I still prefer the Leonard-Penny relationship even though they’re the most traditional of sitcoms.

Anyway, Leonard tells Sheldon that Amy is mad at him and tries to make it up to her by giving her a DVD box set of Star Trek: The Next Generation to show her how great Wil Wheaton is. As that still didn’t amend their problems, Sheldon looks to Penny for some advice. This results in the funniest scene of the episode of Sheldon INHALING two glasses of Long Island Iced Teas. Afterwards Sheldon finds his way to Wheaton’s house where he’s prepared to defend Amy with his fists. Wheaton apologizes but is more concerned with Sheldon’s drunken state as he watches him vomit over his front balcony.

What will next episode bring? Are we going to get more of the men-children or the dysfunctional relationship of Leonard and Penny? I hope they have another guys night/girls night episode splitting up the sexes because that’s where all of the jokes work the best.


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