Revolution – “The Children’s Crusade”

After a promising pilot, Revolution certainly dropped off for a few episodes, but let me just say that the show is hitting its stride of late with three strong episodes including this week’s that managed to have action, heart, and more insight to the blackout and those pendants.

The episode revolves around the rescue mission of Peter, the leader of a group of children who have all lost their families. As Charlie typically gets all sappy and promises to save Peter, it’s surprising how Miles immediately jumps on board, except to Nora who explains he probably feels guilty for being the one who was in charge when all of these children lost their families.

So as the group, plus a few of the kids, follow the tracks from the wagon that had Peter captive, they discover a huge ship in the water where Miles explains is used to re-educate kids to become a part of the Monroe Militia. Charlie volunteers to purposely get captured to get on the inside to rescue Peter. While Charlie has shown to be tough and surprise us time-after-time, she’s still no killing machine and jumping on board a ship with plenty of Militia soldiers isn’t the greatest plan, yet Miles agrees to it. I think it’s more of Charlie’s stubbornness wearing everyone down than anything else at this point.

Meanwhile, Monroe demands more information about the pendants from Rachel and even tells her they have a Doctor Bradley Jaffe in their custody from a lead she gave them weeks ago. While torturing him didn’t get them anywhere, Rachel agrees to talk to Bradley to try and pull some more information out of him to prevent Monroe from torturing her son. But Bradley is a stronger son-of-a-gun than we expected and even after Rachel’s soothing talk, he still won’t budge.

Back on the ship, Charlie is doing well until the military leader puts an end to her rebellious ways by branding her wrist with the Monroe Militia symbol. Miles and Nora arrives at the boat and starts slicing through the guards and retrieves Charlie along with Peter. They’re almost off the boat until the leader has Michael, Peter’s brother, captive. With the group in quite the pickle, they are saved by the lighthouse when Aaron’s pendant goes off, starting up every electrical gadget where he’s hiding. The guards are distracted and then Miles, Nora, and Charlie rids of all the guards. They return back to shore releasing all of the kids.

But in Philly, Monroe has another method to pulling information from Bradley. They reveal they have his daughter and will torture her until he tells them where the pendant is. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the flashbacks: So it seems that Rachel is the own who discovered the technology of the pendant, but it’s her husband who decides to deal with the government through a man named Randall. Rachel fears that the technology will be used as a weapon instead of the good she intends. Later in the flashback, Rachel’s pregnant with Danny and Flynn offers her a way to save his life. In exchange for what? I can only imagine it has to do with the pendants.

Finally, the episode ends when we see Grace in a prison cell, but under Randall’s (Flynn) confinement. What can we conclude from this? Well, there are more people than we thought who know about the power of the twelve pendants. First there was Ben, but he’s out of the picture. Now we know that Rachel probably knows the most about it but is definitely withholding information from Monroe. Speaking of, Monroe knows about the pendants and apparently so does Randall. So we have quite the scavenger hunt heating up… oh and Aaron finally tells Miles and Charlie about the pendant

Overall, a very solid episode of Revolution that hopefully will keep its impressive ratings up. The show is really using its flashbacks well to provide a greater insight to the characters along with answering questions about the blackout little-by-little. I’m trying very hard to not let Charlie annoy me as much as she used to, but honestly she is growing on me. I guess that’s a good thing since she’s definitely one character we know isn’t going to get killed off.


2 Responses to Revolution – “The Children’s Crusade”

  1. Don Bross says:

    That was such a great episode, and the series is amazing as well. It’s so news and refreshing, nbc is really hitting it off! I thought they were going to die after community and the office.

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