Boardwalk Empire – “The Pony”

After a few episodes with a lot of talking and a lot of Richard Harrow, it’s a pleasant surprise that we get Van Alden for a third of the episode and also some well-deserved action! Bet let me back up just a bit.

Remember when Van Alden, aka George Muller, asked O’Bannion to dispose a body for him. Well now he’s in O’Bannion’s debt and is making and bottling whiskey for him. This would be tough for a man who is a full-time salesman, but I assume his time there is done after he scalds a co-worker in the face (which was definitely the most satisfying moment of the episode). For quite some time now, we’ve all been waiting for Van Alden to snap at his idiot co-workers and finally the time arrived. Was anyone else laughing with glee when Van Alden ironed the bully’s face?

Anyway, Nucky visits Andrew Mellon and arranges to bust George Remus in exchange for Nucky to run one of Mellon’s closed distilleries with revenue. Later on in the episode, Nucky stop by Billie’s apartment and bloodies one of her actor friends with his fists. He also offers Billie an income for the rest of her life, which she turns down after reminding Nucky that she doesn’t need him to be her father.

Also early on in the episode, Gillian has a meet with Nucky and blames him for Jimmy’s death, which Nucky stubbornly denies. But all of this leads to when Gillian meets with Gyp Rosetti and causing the assassination attempt on Nucky. Nucky’s alive and so is Rothstein, whom Nucky was talking with, but Billie got caught right in the middle of the giant explosion. Man, just when Nucky and Billie were on the right foot once more, she out with a bang. Tough luck.

There will likely be revenge in order with Gyp Rosetti as the main target from Nucky’s wrath. With only a handful of episodes left, can we expect a lot more action and surprises? Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Margaret and Owen hook up again, but that didn’t shock anyone. But sides are being drawn in Van Alden with O’Bannion. Will Harrow take sides with Gillian and Rosetti? And how is Rothstein going to take almost being killed alongside Nucky?


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