The Big Bang Theory – “The Extract Obliteration”

Sheldon plays Words with Friends with Stephen Hawking and Penny goes back to school in this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory.

I have to admit I am a sucker for scenes where characters are video-game dancing. When DDR was all the rage, I loved every movie or show that had a scene involving DDR, such as Grandma’s Boy. So when Raj and Howard were disco dancing, it was a great way to open the episode. Unfortunately, that’s practically all we saw from the dynamic duo as the rest was left for Leonard, Penny, and Sheldon.

Penny tells the girls that she’s taking a History course at the community college. She hasn’t told Leonard yet because she doesn’t want him to be over-bearing and try to help her out, bu the girls convince her she should tell him. But like she anticipated, Leonard did everything he could to help her out including re-writing her entire paper.

Meanwhile, Sheldon is kicking some Hawking ass in Words with Friends, but Howard warns him that he’s a sore loser. Sheldon is afraid his new “friend” is no longer his friend, so when Hawking continues to play Sheldon throws the game. This takes Sheldon a moment to resolve the dilemma in his head: being “friends” with a genius who speaks like a robot or maintaining his intellectual integrity. He sides with genius who speaks like a robot.

In the end, Penny shoves a B- that she received on her paper in Leonard’s face, though it’s revealed that Amy and Bernadette helped her write the paper, and even dumbed it down so it could be passed off as something she actually wrote. The episode concludes with Hawking calling Sheldon and making fun of him for beat him in Words with Friends.

My favorite moment of the episode involved Leonard and Sheldon both having problems with their current situations: Leonard’s dilemma to help or not to help Penny’s paper and Sheldon’s confusion why Hawking wasn’t playing with him anymore. They use a chess clock to attempt equal time and attention to both of their problems, which of course Sheldon abuses. It’s always great seeing Leonard trying to get through to Sheldon in any way possible, though it almost never works (unless he gets his mom involved).

The episode was a solid one because it dealt with the strongest characters on the show, which are the original three main characters. I like Amy, Bernadette, Raj, and Howard, but only in small doses like this episode had. When one of them becomes the center of an episode, it’s more likely than not a headache for the viewer.


2 Responses to The Big Bang Theory – “The Extract Obliteration”

  1. Joe Owens says:

    This show has quickly become one of my favorites. I never use the acronym LOL in testing or writing because I think it is ridiculously overused, but I am proud to report I have never watched even a scene of the Big Bang Theory without audibly laughing at the misadventures of this cast.

    The writing for this show is brilliant and original so there is a continuing appetite for the show. I look forward to every episode and eagerly tune into the prior seasons I missed that have made it to syndication.

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