New Girl – “Halloween”

Jess and Sam’s casual relationship takes a hit when Jess finally sees Sam in action at work as a pediatrician. Did I mention it’s Halloween (not like the title of the episode gave it away or anything)? Jess is a zombie at the haunted house and invites all of her friends to attend. Schmidt convinces Cece and her boyfriend Robby to go, even though it’s obvious he still has feelings for Cece.

Meanwhile, Nick finally confesses his feelings for the cute redhead that he liked in college, but he soon realizes she’s not what he expected she would be like. At the carnival, Winston breaks things off with Shelby after their dry spell becomes too much for Winston. Also, knowing Jess is going to ask Sam out, Nick finds out that Sam is seeing another girl on the weekends. He has to face his fear of haunted houses to warn Jess about Sam, but unfortunately he’s so jumpy he accidentally punches Jess (dressed like a zombie) in the face.

In the end, Jess is rejected by Sam, Nick is smacked by the redhead (and then punched by Jess during the credits), Winston breaks up with Shelby, and Cece makes eyes at Schmidt once he’s finally considerate to her and Robby’s relationship. Everyone in the apartment is single, while Cece is still with Robby even though we know that’s not going to last for much longer. Frankly, the show is at its best when everyone isn’t involved with relationships, so I’m anticipating the next few episodes to be the best for this season. As for Winston, I’ve been hard on that specific character from the beginning, but he’s finally letting out some of the comedy that makes him a very good fit for the show.

Do we see Nick and Jess getting together this season? Probably not as quickly as Cece and Schmidt, but it has to be in the cards eventually, right? Whatever the case might be, I’m still laughing at when Schmidt was trying to headbutt Robby. And when Nick was screaming like a little girl in the haunted house. The show always does well when Zooey doesn’t try to turn her quirkiness into comedy because she’s better off being cute and innocent, which is why it was nice when Sam didn’t try to stick things out with her when she asked him out.


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