Ben and Kate – “Scaredy Kate”

The more the show goes on, I’m thinking the title should be “Kate and Ben” because Kate is obviously the main character of the two leads. It’s just another show in the popular trend of women-led series such as New Girl, The Mindy Project, and even HBO’s Girls. Women are coming out as funny on top of being sensitive and emotional, and it’s a great thing for television.

In the Halloween episode, Kate and BJ are invited to a party thrown by Kate’s very handsome neighbor. Kate exchanges cartoon-like conversation of stuttering and mumbling, clearly showing she hasn’t been in the dating game for quite some time and she’s still as nervous as a freshman when talking to cute boys. BJ encourages her to dress in a sexy costume for the party, which is against Kate’s ideal Halloween of trick-or-treating with Maddie, inspecting the candy for razor blades and then passing out from over-stuffing herself with sweets.

Kate is so cute and sweet in her morals for Maddie that she doesn’t want to encourage her to dress like a princess like every other little girl in the world. BJ persuades Maddie to dress up like a princess, undoing years of Kate’s good influence but all for a good laugh when Kate screams how there’s a 75 percent chance she’s going to take home the wrong daughter since every girl is dressed as a princess.

When Kate and BJ attend the party, Kate lays a big kiss on her neighbor to much excitement, but that rush is short-lived as he moves on to another girl after Kate becomes slightly emotional from being exhausted. Meanwhile, Tommy accidentally eats some of BJ’s “candy from Amsterdam.” Ben eases him in by eating some candy himself, resulting in hilarious scenes of them unable to control their voices and their emotions.

What the show continues to do well is address certain issues that the characters go through, which are issues that everyone can relate to. Tommy stands up to Ben while they’re not in the clearest state of mind saying how Ben didn’t even consider what Tommy wanted to do, as if his opinion doesn’t matter. On the other end, BJ understands what she’s trying to do with Maddie and undoes her earlier influence for Maddie to dress like a princess.

After all the morals are told, we’re left with Ben and Kate sitting on the curb, slightly defeated but still looking out for each other. Kate is a great character because she never becomes too goofy where you question how she could be raising a child. She’s just the right balance of quirkiness, kindness, and assertiveness, allowing the character to be as strong as she is funny. That’s where Jess in New Girl is flawed because she’s is so clumsy with her life, it feels like she’s a 13-year-old trapped in a 26-year-old body (and I know she’s 32, but come on, she could play a girl in high school until she’s 40 much like Kristen Bell).

Once again, Ben and Kate has been my favorite new show and hope enough people watch it to renew it for a second season. Let’s go people!


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