Hunted – “LB”

We pick up the instant we left off after the first episode, with the fake Dr. Goebel introducing himself to Sam Hunter, ready to stab her with a syringe. He doesn’t get a chance to, but instead he sets up a camera in Sam’s room. He’s interested in her, but we’re not quite sure why.

Meanwhile, a team member from Byzantium, Hasan, is kidnapped by Jack Turner and is tortured in the lower basement. Sam is ordered to kill him, but keeps him alive when he says he has information on who tried to murder her in Tangier. She keeps him alive after he mentions a man with a scar.

Not too soon after, we see the man with the scar kill one of Sam’s army friends. This works to his plan as she arrives at the crime scene and follows her until they engage in combat near some train tracks. They both escape alive, but with plenty of bruises and cuts. So aside from knowing there’s a man with a scar after Sam, there isn’t much else we’re clear about.

We see Aiden with a brunette and the boss with a bruised blonde. Who are they? None of that is fleshed out, but with a show like Hunted you can never rule anyone out as unimportant. Also, there is still a mole in the unit and the boss tells Aiden to keep an eye on Sam since she’s taking a long time to “remove” Hasan. Speaking of, after Sam’s encounter with the man with the scar, she goes back to Hasan for more information, but to no avail. When she releases him from his chains, he attacks her with a crowbar. The result was Sam spearing him with the crowbar and finally “removing” him to keep the Byzantium protected.

There is still a huge distance between the characters on the show and the viewers. For the most part, everyone on the show are either spies or killers, so it’s not going to be easy to read anyone or even extract emotion from them. Does this work for a television series? Not particularly, but I haven’t considered it a flaw yet. There are some subtle emotional scenes expressed by Melissa George that gives enough for those mistaking her for a robot.

For now, the show is very intriguing with its countless questions and mysterious characters. The show is also plentiful with tense scenes, though I’m not expecting Sam Hunter to be caught with something so simple like taking an elevator to the lower basement while talking to the maid. She’s too good for that.


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