The Walking Dead – “Walk With Me”

I never would’ve thought we’d have an entire episode without Rick, but The Walking Dead has separated the Atlanta group and Andrea with Michonne, allowing a whole new group to join the story. This episode reminded me of Lost when we first see The Others, taking us away from the main group of survivors and into the world of people we haven’t met yet. It’s risky, but for the long-run it’s a very smart idea.

And it definitely works, thanks to David Morrissey who plays The Governor of Woodbury. His persona is one that intrigues me greatly. While it was no surprise he ended up being a twisted and lying murderer, it’s easy to see how Andrea has grown to like him and possibly even trust him. He’s shown a warmth and has given Andrea and Michonne shelter, even though he has a secret lab testing walkers and has also enlisted Merle in his small army. There is a lot more to learn about the Governor and you just know a show-down is inevitable when he and Rick meet.

I hope that we learn more about Michonne in the near future, because as much fun it is to watch her swing a sword and be a complete zombie-badass, there is a lot to learn about her. Even Andrea, who has been traveling with her for eight months, admit that she barely knows anything about her. Michonne obviously doesn’t trust the Governor and the people in Woodbury, but why? I think that Michonne and Rick might get along with the way they do business. Rick has grown to be a man who doesn’t trust anyone and would do (and kill) anything in order to keep himself safe. The way Michonne sliced her two zombie companions hints that she’s the same way.

As for now, I’m excited to see more of Woodbury and how the Governor runs things in his little establishment. It also reminds me a bit of Falling Skies when the Second Mass reaches Charleston when the welcoming party was cut short by difference of opinion on how to deal with the aliens. How is the Governor going to deal with someone offering his or her opinion, or when someone stands up to him? Will they just become another floating head in one of his fish tanks?


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