Homeland – “Q&A”

We all know how much ass Claire Danes has been kicking this sophomore season of Homeland, but while she was great as usual this week’s award goes to Damian Lewis.

Brody is chained and being interrogated first by Quinn, who snaps and drives a knife through Brody’s left hand. This allows another brilliant Carrie/Brody scene where we watch Carrie break him down to tears. The CIA is up with their facts except one detail: Brody won’t admit he was wearing a bomb.

I admit that it’s great to finally have the characters know as much as we do about the events of the attempted assassination. But back to that incredible scene that has practically already won the Emmy awards for Danes and Lewis next year; I really wasn’t sure if Carrie was going to be able to crack Brody. Their cat-and-mouse game during the first season always had Brody passing every test thrown his way, so I had my doubts that Carrie was going to get through to him. But she did.

It wasn’t surprising on a writing standpoint to have Brody now working with the CIA to try and uncover Abu Nazir’s plan to retaliate against the US. Nonetheless, he’s always going to be a wild card in the show. He’s cracked under Nazir’s care and has cracked under Carrie. But it seems that the source of all his strength and heart comes down to his family, and in that case he should stay true with the United States in the future.

The other half of the episode dealt with Dana and Finn going on their first date and running over a woman. Is this going to come back and bite them is the ass later on? Most likely. But really, their scenes felt like commercials breaking up the real story-line in the episode.

In all honesty, if Homeland continues to have Lewis and Danes in scenes together, they simply cannot go wrong. There isn’t another show currently on the air that has two actors of their caliber, acting on the level that they’ve been for the past year. Their chemistry has peaked and I can’t see it dipping anytime soon as they’ve both hit their stride to near perfection. Once again, a masterful job done by everyone behind Homeland.


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