Boardwalk Empire – “Sunday Best”

Gyp and Richard Harrow have major screen-time this week, which are two of my three favorite characters (Van Alden) on the show, so this is easily one of my favorite episodes of the season. But let’s start out with Nucky Thompson, who puts aside his gangster-self and does a juggling act for his family.

It’s Easter Sunday and Nucky and Eli have agreed to spend the holiday together, having both families meet for the first time. This allows Margaret to confide in June about Nucky’s affair, which she quickly dismisses. But this also allows Nucky and Eli a chance to finally settle their differences. Both have a level of disdain towards each other, but there’s some forgiveness in the air on that Sunday.

Meanwhile, Gillian is as crazy as ever, continuing with the whole Jimmy denial while seducing Roger. It wasn’t entirely a surprise what she ends up doing to Roger after she drew him up a bath, but it’s still twisted, even for Gillian. But now she can finally put Jimmy’s death to rest. What does this mean for her brothel, Tommy and Richard Harrow?

Julia might be a part of that in the near future. While Angela was very kind to Richard, Julia has gone beyond kindness to actually understand Richard. There’s no barrier between them and Richard is drawn into a life where he’s not seen at a distance. From the way Julia warns Richard not to threaten her father to the photo that’s taken of them, Angela is being easily forgotten.

Finally, we see Gyp eat with his family, curse out Jesus inside a church, and beg to Joe Masseria. We get an inside look to why he’s on edge at every moment, making Gyp even more interesting than Nucky’s villain. But after his meet with Masseria, it’s time for the action to pick up again with Gyp going all-out against Nucky, Rothstein and Luciano.

There are plenty of prayers during this episode, most at the dinner table before stuffing their faces. In the end, no one is completely satisfied with the family they have. Margaret rejects Nucky, which results in him promoting Eli to have any kind of family warmth again. Gillian mourns her son’s death, Gyp stays alive for another day and Richard still searches for someone to love. For most, their prayers go unanswered.


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