The Big Bang Theory – “The Holographic Excitation”

The geeks always have fun on Halloween and this episode was no exception. Stuart is throwing his 9th annual Halloween party at the comic shop and Raj agrees to help plan it. The main story-line of the episode revolves around Howard and Bernadette, which was due since Howard’s been in space for the past few episodes.

Howard can’t stop talking about his space mission, the way a child can’t stop talking about the one dollar he received from the Tooth Fairy. His friends and even Bernadette become aggravated and when Howard finds out, he pouts like a spoiled school-girl not getting her way. For all these reasons, I was very close to turning off the episode. There’s something about an annoying Howard that doesn’t scream FUNNY to me at all.

Meanwhile, Penny and Leonard are shacking up left and right, which is a pleasant break from their constant bickering. The most enjoyable part of the episode was Sheldon and Amy coming up with a compromise about their Halloween couple costume.

After a great episode last week with a hilarious version of Pictionary during game night, this Halloween episode fails to keep any momentum up going forward. The Big Bang Theory has yet to show quality episodes when everyone is grouped off with their relationship partner. It’s obviously the best when the girls and the guys are separate.


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