New Girl – “Models”

It’s CeCe’s birthday! Jess arrives at her home and expresses her excitement to partake in her birthday ritual of cake, watching Clueless and wearing towel prom dresses. But CeCe wants to go to the club with her model friends, and even though this is against Jess’ wishes, she goes along with it. At the club, Jess sounds off against the model friends calling them dumb and racist and CeCe overhears, resulting in a boob-smacking fight.

Meanwhile, Schmidt comes home and give Nick a cookie. No reason at all. Just because he saw the cookie and thought of his roommate and friend for ten years. This freaks Nick out to the point where he starts doubting if he’s as good a friend as Schmidt and Winston are to him. In a desperate act of kindness, he returns the favor and buys Schmidt a cookie, but tears off pieces to make it the Star of David.

Back to the Jess and CeCe story, CeCe gets wasted at her party and pukes all night. The next morning she looks horrible (as horrible as the beautiful Hannah Simone can look) and Jess fills in her spot at the Ford Fusion car show, and then the funniest moment of the episode takes place. Sure, it’s over-the-top, but Jess’ inability to walk in high-heels and apparently her inability to work a car handle was hilarious.

This might be the best episode so far from the second season. I love it when the guys have their own whacky story-line, which usually allows Jess to be with CeCe. This episode deals with best friends and the idea if you met who your friends are today, for the first time, would you still be friends? It’s an interesting thought, but not one that the group of friends really looks into because all that matters is that they are all friends still.


2 Responses to New Girl – “Models”

  1. Sheehanmike says:

    It was a good episode.the boob fight was impresive.

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