Hunted – “Mort”

The pilot for the new Cinemax series premiered last Friday and wasted no time throwing us into its complex world. There is a good balance of action and espionage to get the comparison of the small-screen version of James Bond or Jason Bourne, but here our heroine is Sam Hunter.

Sam works for a private company called Byzantium along with fellow spies Aidan Marsh (her former lover), Deacon Crane (American sniper) and others. After a mission in Tangier, Sam was supposed to meet with Aidan to tell him that she’s pregnant, but Aidan never shows and instead she’s attack and shot in the stomach. She escapes the ambush and spends the next year training herself back to shape and concentrating on getting revenge to whoever ordered the hit on her.

She returns back to Byzantium to Rupert Keel’s (her boss) surprise and is met by familiar but shocked faces from her fellow spies. She’s immediately thrown into a mission to infiltrate the home of a criminal-turned-millionaire, Jack Turner. She does this by saving the life of Turner’s grandson and befriending Turner’s widowed son.

There is a lot of information to digest in the first episode of Hunted, to the point I realized I couldn’t divert my focus from my TV-screen without rewinding what I missed. But with a show that contains plenty of characters, each with their own motives, the pilot must be jam-packed. For now, Sam Hunter is the only character we really know anything about as we see flashbacks of her mother being killed and herself being abducted at a gas station. Because of this, she’s the only character I feel attached to, but I assume the bigger picture will slowly play out through the season.


One Response to Hunted – “Mort”

  1. SoupOrMan says:

    This guy that works at DISH with me said that there was so much material to digest that the first episode was a little disorientating, but when have you ever seen a show from Spotnitz that was not. I personally like the confusing setups and the surprising reveals that come along with them and with two faked deaths in the first episode I am confident that there will be plenty of that to come. This show is great. At first I only watched Hunted on DISH Online to kill some time on the bus ride home, but now I just might be hooked. I can’t wait for next week!

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