Happy Endings – “Cazsh Dummy Spinnionaires”

The Season Three premiere of Happy Endings wasn’t its finest half-hour of comedy, but there were still plenty of moments that made me happy that the group was back.

How has Brad been dealing with recently being laid off? He got a new office job, but has been keeping it to himself because Jane was so excited to be the sole money-maker and also wanted Brad to explore his hobbies that he’s put off because of work. His lie is revealed one afternoon in a hilarious scene with Brad in the bathtub wearing his suit.

Meanwhile, Penny is in a full-body cast from falling down multiple flight of stairs. Max volunteers to take care of her until his focus is undone when Penny’s attractive, male physical therapist starts showing up. Max basically “Misery’ed” her to have a shot at her physical therapist, and after all of that falls through Penny forgives him when Max reminds her she did the same thing to him. This plot-line was whacky but fun.

Finally, Alex and Dave are trying out their “casual relationship” by allowing each other to date others, but that obviously bothers both of them. In the end, they decide to be exclusive even though all of their friends say that it’s an awful idea.

Overall, this was a typical Happy Endings episode full of witty remarks and pop-culture references with the group doing crazy things to each other. I’m interested to see how far the whole Alex-Dave relationship lasts and how close they’re going to go down the Ross-Rachel trail.


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