The Walking Dead – “Sick”

We left off with Hershel getting his leg bit by a zombie and Rick chopping off his leg with his machete. There are also a handful of prisoners who are surprised to see Rick and company there. After a brief stand-off, Rick and company wheel Hershel back to the cells where they have set camp. The prisoners follow and for the rest of the episode, there is a lot of tension between the two groups. The prisoners have been camped out for almost 300 days, just waiting for someone to come save them. Their ignorance brings you back to the first season when the survivors were running and waiting for an answer or a cure to the outbreak. But then they tell the prisoners what’s really out there. It was like telling a child that Santa doesn’t exist.

The prisoners and Rick’s group made a deal: they’ll help clear out a cell for the prisoners in exchange for half of their food. But things turn sour rather quickly when Rick is threatened by their leader. Soon, all but two of the prisoners are slaughtered. What I don’t understand is how Rick could ruthlessly butcher most of the prisoners, but he somehow grew a heart to let the last two live? It would make more sense to kill them off so they can acquire all of the remaining food instead of having just half.

Meanwhile, Hershel didn’t look well and it seem it was almost inevitable he’ll die and come back as a zombie, but finally the group is granted with good news as he wakes up and is alive. I don’t know how useful he’s going to be with just one leg and how the group is going to mobilize him once they end up leaving the prison, but I guess they’ll work that out when the time comes.

While it’s clear how the group has turned for the darker side and is a killing machine, this episode displayed much sentiment throughout. Lori helped revive Hershel while Carol is looking ahead to how she is going to deliver Lori’s baby. The episode concluded with Rick and Lori both aware that their marriage is in ruins and that really isn’t a priority anymore. I guess living in a post-apocalyptic world can do that to you, huh?


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