Boardwalk Empire – “Ging Gang Goolie”

So Season Three is certainly shaping up to be just like Season One, with a lot of slow-burn episodes setting up for something bigger towards the end. Like it or not, that’s what is currently happening with Boardwalk Empire. So what happened this week?

The greenhouse burns down and Teddy becomes the suspected culprit after he’s found with kerosene and matches in his bag. Margaret disciplines him with a few spankings, but later on it’s dismissed that Teddy started the fire when Owen tells her that he caught the drifter. Yes, everything was a bit ambiguous here and in a way I still think Teddy was responsible for the fire, but the important thing is that all of this led to Margeret and Owen shacking up again.

Meanwhile, Nucky’s in DC where he butts heads with Harry Daugherty. It looks like Nucky’s heading down another slippery slope where he’s being targeted by some powerful men, but his run-in with Esther Randolph was a subtle surprise. Their scene together at the diner was one of the few bright spots in the episode. There is a lot of political back-and-forth going on with Nucky’s story-line, a bit too much that I sometimes wish he could just pick if he’s going to be a gangster or a politician so I know what to expect.

There was no Gyp Rosetti after his recent assassination attempt, but the episode was graced with Richard Harrow. He visits the local American Legion hall and helps an elderly man who frequently gets into fights with the younger veterans. He meets the man’s daughter, Julia, and is immediately drawn into her in the same way he was drawn into Angela. Hopefully their story isn’t over with. In the same realm of things, Gillian sleeps with a man who had a striking resemblance of Jimmy. Here are two characters who are still trying to move on from the losses of people they loved.

There isn’t anything wrong with an episode like this that moves the chess pieces around the board. Game of Thrones does this for most of its season as well, but the third season of Boardwalk is significantly slower than its second season. But there are a lot of compelling story-lines nonetheless (Margaret’s hospital plot not being one of them) where I can anticipate another action-packed season when the fourth season comes out next September. But for now, pawn to d4.


One Response to Boardwalk Empire – “Ging Gang Goolie”

  1. Richie says:

    I think the slowness of this season has made me less compelled to stay home Sunday nights to watch the new episodes as they air live. Back when I first got my Hopper DVR, I setup a timer for all new Boardwalk Empire episodes, so I’ve been able to enjoy every minute of my weekends away from the TV without missing any of the shows I like. It does seem like the past few episodes have been leading up to something big, so I’ve been patiently waiting for that one episode that changes everything. Several of my co-workers at DISH, who are also following the show, think that that moment was last week with Rosetti’s attempted assassination, but I disagree. I feel like something big is going to happen that changes the way that Nucky has been doing business.

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