TV Blur (10/13/12)

Since the Fall television season is almost back into full swing, it’s time to bring back the TV Blur, where I briefly sum up the TV shows that I watch with a few thoughts here and there. Let’s get started!

Note: This post contains plenty of spoilers!

Boardwalk Empire – “Blue Bell Boy”

Nucky and Owen track down Roland Smith, who ends up being a 19-year-old smooth-talking boy. The three of them end up the majority of the episode in Smith’s basement, hiding out from the prohibition agents. In the end, Nucky wastes Smith even though Owen doubted that he would. Meanwhile in Chicago, Al Capone takes out his frustration on one of Dean O’Banion’s guys. In the most important story-line, Mickey Doyle sends a shipment of booze to Arnold Rothstein through Tabor Heights, the route Nucky specifically told Micheky to avoid. Despite Eli’s concern, Mickey goes through with it and the result was Gyp Rosetti’s men wiping everyone out and taking the booze. Now the war is real.

The episode wasn’t the strongest of the season, and because Capone was such a big part of it, I can assume he’ll have a lot more screen-time as the season moves forward. I didn’t really find the whole Nucky-Owen-Roland conversations in the basement to be all that compelling. And the most dynamic character of this season, Rosetti, barely had any time to get pissed off. But nonetheless, this was an important episode to show Nucky that Rosetti means war and he’s going to have to make some friends in order to take Rosetti on.

Homeland – “Beirut is Back”

Carrie meets with Fatima Ali to find out that her husband is meeting with Abu Nazir. In exchange for security, money, and a life in the United States, Fatima tells Carrie to kill them both. Saul and Estes have a tough decision if they could trust the ex-CIA agent, but eventually they plan the capture of Abu Nazir. When the plan is in action, Brody and Walden sit in a room to watch the operation. When Brody finds out they plan to assassinate Abu Nazir, he texts a distress call that saves his life. The U.S. intelligence can’t figure out what went wrong. Meanwhile, Brody’s friend Mike and other ex-Marine friends confront Brody about how the death of Walker doesn’t add up. At the end of the episode, Saul discovers a video patched inside a bag that Carrie stole from Fatima’s home. It’s Brody’s confession prior to his attempted suicide bombing.

All I have to say is wow! Homeland continues to pump out extremely suspenseful and smart episodes since their Emmy award-winning first season. Is this how they’re going to get Carrie back in the CIA? It was painful to listen to her on the verge of tears admitting to Saul that she was so certain about Brody while being wrong. Is this going to be enough proof for Carrie to finally regain her composure? How is Saul going to handle knowing this information?

How I Met Your Mother – “Nannies”

While the first few episodes of the 8th season hinted that we would focus our attention back to how Ted meets his wife, this was another stand-alone episode with syndication written all over it. Marshall and Lily are trying to find a nanny and when they finally do, Barney winds up luring her in with one of his schemes. Meanwhile, Ted and Robin are competing against each other which couple is in a better relationship. Finally, Lily allows her dad to take care of Marvin while Ted and Robin admit both of their relationships aren’t perfect and Bob Saget Ted revealing both of their relationships will be ruined within the month.

Ever since Lily and Marshall got married, their story-lines have been completely awful. Barney is an important character to the show for the ridiculous shenanigans that he gets into, but the show has used this as a syndication machine. This leaves Ted, the central character of the show but still taking a back seat, still a hopeless romantic in search for love. HIMYM has flashes of brilliance, but none of that has been shown in the 8th season.

Revolution – “The Plague Dogs”

The gang finally is reunited but are attacked by a pack of dogs with a mean owner. Aaron is bitten and Maggie is stabbed by the man, who takes Charlie. Miles and Nate goes to rescue Charlie while Aaron and Nora try to stop Maggie’s open wound. Charlie narrowly avoids an arrow piercing her head, but she returns to Maggie’s last words before passing. Meanwhile, Danny and Captain Neville take shelter during a tornado. Neville becomes pinned in the basement, but Danny helps him up. Neville continues to be an ideal villain by handcuffing Danny even after he saved his life.

We get our first important death of the show. While it was an emotional moment, we’re only three episodes in and Maggie really hasn’t been much of a character we felt for. Miles remains the only character with depth while Charlie continues her annoyance. Revolution is one bad episode away from me finally calling it quits.

Ben and Kate – “The Fox Hunt”

The siblings get into an argument about who’s smarter and which one gets more accomplished, resulting in a scavenger hunt to prove who’s better. At first, Ben is willing to allow Kate to win but he changes his mind rather quickly. In the end, Kate and BJ wins and the siblings share a sweet moment reminding each other that they have their backs.

This show continues to have that “aww” factor every single episode, which isn’t a bad thing. So far, Dakota Johnson and Nat Faxon have shown great chemistry with one another, allowing the show to really blossom into something with a lot of potential.

New Girl – “Neighbors”

A group of young people move in across the hall from the gang and Jess and Schmidt try to fit in. Meanwhile, Winston thinks he only has a few years left to live and Nick spends all his time and money pranking Schmidt.

Now that Jess’ ridiculous hook-up buddy is gone, we can get back on track with what makes New Girl enjoyable. Unfortunately, Cece wasn’t in the episode, so that knocks the quality down a notch or two. This episode continued displaying what we already know about each character: Jess is very likeable, Schmidt is an arrogant ass, Nick is an under-achiever and Winston really doesn’t matter.

Nashville – “Pilot”

Rayna James is a veteran of Country music, but her latest album isn’t topping the charts like they expected and her concert sales have dipped because of that. She’s offered to open for Juliette Barnes, a young star whose beauty and ruthlessness trumps her actual musical talent. But she’s a star nonetheless and she shows why by flirting with the right songwriters and producers to get all the hits. While Rayna and Juliette don’t have much in common, they both have parents they loathe. Meanwhile, Rayna’s husband, Teddy, is persuaded by Rayna’s father to run for mayor in Nashville. There are triangles forming that every soap-like show needs: Rayna, Juliette, and Deacon (Rayna’s guitar player and former love interest) along with Scarlett, her boyfriend and Avery.

I love Connie Britton and that’s the reason why I was looking forward to the pilot of Nashville. Britton is a great dramatic actress and she shines like a star in the episode. I also applaud Panettiere for showing a nasty side to her character, one who doesn’t shy away from sleeping her way to the top. Rayna and Juliette’s polar opposites should pave way to success for Nashville, as the new and the old clash. You don’t have to be a Country music fan to enjoy the show, but you should be warned of all the drama. There was hardly any comic relief, but I hope that was only because of the pilot trying to fit all the story-lines in.

The Big Bang Theory – “The Higgs Boson Observation”

Howard is still stuck in space and when it seemed he would be returning soon, his trip home has been delayed. Meanwhile, Sheldon hires an assistant, Alex, who is attractive and intelligent. At first, Amy is jealous of Sheldon’s assistant, but soon the jealousy turns to Penny as Alex and Leonard are seen flirting in the cafeteria. Penny still doesn’t know where her relationship with Leonard stands, but Amy brings it to her attention that it’s strong enough for her to feel jealousy.

This wasn’t a great episode, but really none of the 6th season has been all that great. Raj barely had any screen-time, but he still had the funniest moments of the episode. Meanwhile, keeping Howard in space is starting to get annoying. The group of nerd-friends had such great chemistry, so it’s no surprise that splitting them up would hurt the show. I’d like to see the whole Penny-Leonard thing to end (though we all know come the series finale they’ll find a way back together) and to have Howard return home. The four guys is where the strength of the show is, with Amy a close 5th place.

Last Resort – “Eight Bells”

Captain Chaplin wants his three missing crew members back and meets with Julian, the crime lord who has shown to be very powerful on the island. In order to get them back, Chaplin and crew have to transport Julian’s contraband while avoiding the attack ships. This leads to the episodes most tense scenes. With the help from Sophie (while abandoning her family to stay on the island), the submarine is able to get the job done. Unfortunately, it wasn’t in time and Julian offs Red. Meanwhile, Tani and James spend a lot of time together… I’m not really sure what their story-line has anything to do with the show, but hopefully that gets cleared up soon. And back in Washington, Kylie’s hard drive is stolen from her safe.

While this was an improvement from the second episode, there are still too many questions for Last Resort that I haven’t fully bought into yet. Andrew Braugher and Scott Speedman continue to show great chemistry, but the show has to start linking up all of its separate story-lines soon. Right now, they feel too isolated and without connecting the dots, the show will continue to dip in ratings.


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