Smash – “Publicity” (S01E12)

It’s really hard to like Ivy by the way she manipulates everyone to get her way. And is the production of a Broadway musical this conniving and ruthless? I wouldn’t know, but if any of the stunts being pulled in Smash is remotely true, then why would anyone want to be involved in that profession?

Anyway, Rebecca and Karen become “gal pals,” but boyfriend Dev isn’t too fond of Rebecca when she accuses him of being the problem to Karen’s stardom. Karen’s stuck in a sticky situation here, and unfortunately it doesn’t look like either way is a winning one. Rebecca Duvall obviously isn’t going to be around forever, but Karen is simply too star-struck to let her go. Meanwhile, she’s a good girl and will always go back to Dev, but maybe she’ll get a glimpse of who Dev has been hanging out all of these nights he’s either “working late” or she’s caught by the paparazzi with Rebecca. Oh the drama.

Meanwhile, Leo went missing for three days, but the possibility of something terrible happening to him reunites Julia and Frank. Even if it was for just one dinner, this was the closest we’ve witnessed the family since Julie’s affair with Michael hit the surface.

At the end, Ivy gets her way when Ellis agrees to text Karen that she’s not needed at rehearsal since Julia’s still out. This gives Ivy the opportunity to take the ballad that was originally given to Karen to sing. But after a beautiful number that moves everyone in the rehearsal, Rebecca steps on their hearts by declaring she wants to sing it. I could hear Derek’s teeth grinding all throughout the closing credits.


One Response to Smash – “Publicity” (S01E12)

  1. JustMeMike says:

    That’s the whole – the manipulation. Whether by Ivy, by DErek, by Rebecca or by Ellis – it is a game of survival. Check out my recaps when you have a chance. Thanks.

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