The Hunger Games for Best Picture?

April Fools! While there has been some speculation if The Hunger Games could be nominated for Best Picture this year, I’m not buying it. Sure, the film has plenty of credentials that might hint it is Oscar-worthy, such as grossing $200 million in its first ten days, having Gary Ross behind the film (Oscar nominee), and consisting of a strong cast including Jennifer Lawrence, Woody Harrelson and Donald Sutherland. But let’s face it, folks. If The Dark Knight and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part II wasn’t nominated, The Hunger Games won’t be.

But it’s fun to throw the idea around at the moment because let’s admit, it’s only April 1 and we haven’t seen many (if any) quality films so far. The Hunger Games does have a lot going for it aside from the accomplishments I already listed. The story is certainly a commentary on the world we currently live in, and it’s a harsh one. The times are always changing and it’s clear when you glance back fifty years ago to now, the progress we have made technologically is incredible. But in that time, society is changing morally, to the point when our first thought when seeing a fight break out isn’t to step in or call the authorities, it’s to take out our phones and upload it to YouTube.

So in this futuristic world of Panem, is it really that out of the question that one day, children will be forced into an annual blood-sport that is televised for the world to watch? Some members of the Academy might agree with the topics I am discussing and I wouldn’t be surprised if come January, The Hunger Games receives a few numbers of Best Picture votes. But unfortunately, it won’t be enough to squeak in the very selective (forgetting about The Blind Side and Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close) group of Best Picture nominees. But after everything is said and done, The Hunger Games was a great success in the box office and providing a thought-provoking, entertainment for all ages. Will that be enough to garner a nomination? We’ll find out in several months.


One Response to The Hunger Games for Best Picture?

  1. If Dark Knight and Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 couldnt muster up nominations, there is no way that The Hunger Games will be on anyone’s mind come next February!

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