Televisionn Blur (3/10/12)

Luck, Season 1 Episode 6 – Cursed by the 42-minute-long basic television network shows, I’m not used to the amount of information that HBO’s Luck provides week after week. But once again, we have a lot of shifting of the chess pieces instead of some important moves during this week’s episode. We get a deeper look at Joey, who reached the point of his distress by calling his ex-wife and then tries to kill himself. Only an earthquake saves him. Meanwhile, Ace sends Nathan to meet with Mike and his two lackeys to convince them he has the Indian Game Board on his side. We know that Ace seeks revenge against Mike, but it’s still uncertain exactly what he intends to do to accomplish that. At the racetrack we have two races: Gettin’ Up Morning destroys its competition, though Walter is pissed at Rosie for using the whip, and Mon Gateau wins with Leon riding, though there was an inquiry regarding a possible foul that Leon was luckily not penalized for. This episode kept the usual slow-boil pace just like every episode of the series thus far. This is still one of the best shows on right now, and the value of multiple viewings increases the quality of this HBO series.

The Walking Dead, “Judge, Jury, Executioner” – Something major happened during this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, so this mini-review will contain spoilers. Daryl kept warning us that the group is “broken” and that’s why he’s better off staying on his own. The group has finally sided with Shane and has agreed to kill Randall, but Dale does his best impression of Henry Fonda and tries to sway everyone to his side. It doesn’t work. Meanwhile, Carl is rebelling against everyone. First he disobeys Shane by climbing into the barn to talk with Randall, next he talks back to Carol, then he steals Daryl’s gun and taunts a walker, and finally he creeps into the barn when Rick was about to kill Randall. This kid is out of line, but I guess how else would a kid act in a world with no rules and death breathing on his neck? The conclusion made up for the lack of action throughout. Dale investigates a noise that is coming from a wounded cow when the same walker that Carl was taunting from before attacks Dale and rips open his stomach. The group responds to his screams, but it’s too late. Daryl puts a bullet in his head with the parting words, “Sorry brother.” Wow. It was certainly an emotional ending to a mediocre episode. Dale represented the ethical mindset of the group. With him out of the way, who knows what kind of chaos will develop.

Smash, “Let’s Be Bad” – I don’t exactly know what it is about Smash, but I’m growing a bit weary of the series. Aside from it being the Glee for grown-ups, its characters are lacking (for the most part) and the themes being explored are too shallow to really dive into. Anyway, the drama continues with only one major thing happening at the very end of the episode, which was the kiss shared between Julia and Michael (like we didn’t see that coming a mile away). Meanwhile, Ivy is still being a snotty diva, Karen is still struggling with confidence whether it’s during the workshops or being paraded around by her boyfriend, and Tom is playing hard-to-get. For some reason, Derek is becoming one of my favorite characters (not because he’s a douche) because he’s the only one you really don’t know what to expect from. One minute he can melt Ivy into a puddle, the next he’ll be flirting with the waitress, and then the next he’ll want nothing to do with anyone around him. Overall, it was a good episode, not great. Oh at last note, more Kathryn McPhee numbers while she is undressing, please.

The River, “Doctor Emmet Cole” – Just as the title suggests, this week’s episode of The River focused on the man who is missing, Emmet Cole. After a lead, the team located a pack with more video tapes that the crew gathered around to watch. Emmet Cole and two crew members traveled deep into the jungle following Cole’s hunch that the “source” is close. Russ didn’t buy into Cole’s blindness, but that didn’t stop Cole from exploring deeper into the jungle and putting his and his crew’s life in danger. They run into some mysterious happenings, leaving a monkey and one of the camera crew members skinned to death, but that doesn’t stop Cole from moving onward. All alone, he basically starves to death, but is rescued by a tribe who leave his body near an outpost. On the tape, there are plenty of people in this area who take him in. But then the video goes blank. The crew on the Magus trek into the jungle and locate the outpost, only to find that the place is abandoned and basically looks like an army ransacked it. The most revealing moment of the episode was when Lena told Lucas that she set off the beacon that made Tess and Lincoln go on this mission to find Emmet Cole. She just wanted to find her father, and now that she has, she’s realizing what kind of danger she has put everyone through. This might not be the best television program on air at the moment, but I’m surely intrigued about how this season will end.

Awake, “The Little Guy” – So it turns out that there is a lot more than we had expected involving Britten’s “accident” and his two worlds. Somehow, I think that they pushed this story-line way too early in the series. I would’ve liked if they showcased several episodes of police procedures, family grieving, and therapy sessions before dropping a bomb on us, but here we have it. We don’t actually have enough information to figure out what’s going on, but when Britten’s boss Harper meets with that man in the suit at the end, they discussed that she’s monitoring him and how the suit shouldn’t have wiped out his entire family. Say what?! There is just too much to even compute about this cliffhanger, but overall the episode was well-crafted with Britten still using signs from each reality and passing them off to his partners as hunches. The scene when he watches both his wife and Rex ride that motorcycle was a very touching moment.

New Girl, “Injured” – I love it when sitcoms have sports in an episode. New Girl opened up with the buddies playing a game of football when Jess plows down Nick and injures his spine. When Jess brings him in to Sadie, she notices a lump on Nick’s neck and advises Nick to get it checked out asap. With this sudden news, Nick and his friends assume the worst and what follows is a series of hilarious overreactions at the possibility that Nick could be dying. Meanwhile, Winston has a really tough time letting go of his car. Just like every episode of New Girl the ending is super sweet. The gang spends the night at the beach where Jess falls asleep by Nick’s side and Cece and Schmidt cuddle on the beach, while Winston sleeps in his car for what would be the last time. This wasn’t the best episode of New Girl, but it was standard for Jess and company.


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