Alcatraz – “Guy Hastings” (S01E05)

Finally! An episode that I truly liked and enjoyed! This is what I expect all episodes to be from now on: to have the prisoner-of-the-week tie into the mystery of what happened on the island along with the secrets that Hauser is withholding from Madsen. Ever since the pilot, I’ve been eager to find out more to the relationship between Madsen and Ray, her guardian that she called “uncle.” I got exactly that in this week’s episode.

This is the first episode that didn’t have a prisoner in pursuit, but instead Guy Hastings was a prison guard from Alcatraz. We see him as a family man with a young daughter and a happy wife. I don’t know how happy one could be trapped on an island next to the prison that holds the most dangerous people in the world, but the Hastings family seemed all right. His nice demeanor quickly vanishes when he beats a ranger and takes a handgun in pursuit of Ray for some answers.

We discover that Hastings is after Tommy, Rebecca’s grandfather, but we’re never sure why. All that is certain is that Hastings is royally pissed off and will do almost anything to get to Tommy. In the past segments, we see how Ray got his position as a guard in Alcatraz. During training, Tommy smashes a tray over Ray’s head, cutting him open. The Warden suspects that the incident is a result that the two know each other, but Ray denies it. To prove to Hastings that they don’t know each other, Ray is forced to pound on Tommy in front of the other prisoners, which he does. But towards the end, Ray is seen talking with Tommy in a sympathetic manner, saying how he won’t have to serve out his sentence alone.

Back to present day, Madsen and Doc are hot on Hastings’ trail after questioning his daughter. Hauser suggests that Hastings is merely using Ray to get to the person he really wants, Tommy. During a stand-off, Madsen shoots Hastings in the leg and Hauser drives him to view the daughter that he thought was dead. It was a touching scene, to show a good man realizing that his only daughter was still alive and well, but at the same time he couldn’t see her.

We found out a few key aspects during this episode. First off, Ray and Tommy are brothers, which means Ray is the real uncle of Rebecca Madsen. After Madsen finds out, she confronts Hauser and forces him to admit that he asked Ray to work for him 16 years ago. It’s clear to Madsen that Hauser needs her more than she needs him. For what reason, that’s unclear, but it looks like Hauser wants to capture Tommy as much as Hastings did.

The episode ended on a chilling note when we see Tommy walk into Ray’s bar. We learn that they’ve been in contact, but Ray now understands that his niece is in danger for every second Tommy is around. Very sternly, Ray threatens Tommy to never show his face again. But what does it all mean?!

I sure hope Alcatraz follows this episode with another eye-opening, thrilling one, but I have my doubts. It looks like next week is just another prisoner-on-the-loose hour of chases and light suspense.


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