Luck: Season 1, Episode 2

The second episode of Luck lacked the power and great cinematography the pilot had, but it pushed the story-line and characters forward, which is progress. With a slew of characters and only an hour to gaze upon everyone’s problems and situations, this episode was certainly a filler for greater and more exciting things to come. This isn’t a terrible thing, for those who watched Game of Thrones know, but it left me with such anticipation that I simply want nothing more than this week to breeze by.

Let’s get to the recap. Last week, Turo Escalante’s horse, Mon Gateau, won a race in the Pick Six despite being a huge underdog and now we understand that Escalante plays quite a dirty game to give his horses unfavorable odds to everyone outside of his close circle. He benefits from these tactics by betting on his own horses and making a lot of money from the payout. In a claiming race, Escalante enters Mon Gateau while bandaging his ankles even though there’s nothing wrong with the horse. The horse wins but to Escalante’s surprise, Mon Gateau was claimed.

As for our four wealthy railbirds, Renzo takes a chance at claiming Mon Gateau, but loses the horse in the end from the result of bad luck. We learn about Lonnie’s insurance scam that he’s trying to back out on, but what he doesn’t know is that the two women he thought he was partnering with has the intention to kill him off to collect on his policy. Poor Lonnie. I want to like him because he seems to be a likeable, albeit stupid, fellow but he is the most disposable character on the show.

Marcus is still as miserable and cranky as ever, but seemingly the only one of the four with any self-control over his recent winnings. He’s laying low and lecturing the others about spending too much money when they shouldn’t be. He believes that their money should be taken with great responsibility. Meanwhile, Jerry (my favorite character thus far) has hit the high stakes poker tables against his rival, Lester. After losing thousands, Jerry hits a stroke of luck by hitting a King on the river against Lester. I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ve seen of the suspense between these two at the casino.

As for Ace, we learned a lot about his past and his motives for the rest of the season. We learned that he gave Escalante a nudge in the right direction when he was young, but Ace didn’t take any credit for Escalante’s hard work that resulted in where he is right now. We also understand the magnitude of this revenge that Ace is seeking against DiRossi, Cohen, and Mike for allowing him to take the fall in order to avoid having his grandson put in jail. He took the rap for Mike’s cocaine stash, which he never confessed to. Let’s just say that Ace and Gus are about to get their hands dirty.

Finally, Walter shed some tears as he told the heartbreaking tale of what happened to Delphi, the sire of his colt Gettin’ Up Mornings. As a part of an insurance scam, Delphi was killed and Walter can’t help but to feel responsible for not being able to stop it. When Walter describes what it was like to hear Delphi’s legs break, you cringe along with him. Meanwhile, Walter helps Rosie at her chance to ride in a race, one that she has well-deserved.

Like I said earlier, this episode kept its slow pace throughout aside from the second poker scene, but it was still a very interesting hour of television. I would love to see more interactions between Ace and Escalante because they are two mysterious yet dangerous characters in the show. Also, it’s going to be interesting to see how the railbirds deal with Lonnie’s current situation, beaten and bloodied in the motel.


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