Alcatraz – “Kit Nelson” (S01E03)

This week’s episode of Alcatraz dealt with a prisoner named, Kit Nelson, who was in jail because he was a child killer. So what does Mr. Nelson decide to do in the present? He goes and kidnaps a child. After Dr. Soto hears it over a police scanner, he knows exactly who is their next target.

Just like the first two episodes of the series, I enjoyed this episode but there is still a lot to be desired. Sure, it was creepy watching Nelson force his 11-year-old victim to dunk his head under water and eat cherry pie. It was also suspenseful watching Madsen and Soto chasing Nelson through the woods. But I feel like there is a lot more to explore and the show is taking its dear time with it.

I get that this is going to be a show like House with enough minor information to keep pushing forward the season-long story arc, but these stand-alone episodes are slowing down what could be a very good show. What’s keeping the viewers intact is the well-written stories of the prisoners. I prefer last week’s sniper to this week’s child-murderer, but both were well-acted and well-executed.

Again, I’m most likely going to watch the entire first season before making a decision to drop Alcatraz or not. I just hope they pick up the pace before it’s too late.


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