What I Watched Monday (9/19/11)

The beginning of the Fall Television Series is here and with that comes a surplus of new TV Shows, the premieres of fan favorites, and a few Summer Finales. There was so much television I wanted to watch Monday that it was impossible to view them all live. So of course I programmed my DVR and after an additional night, I finally watched everything I wanted to.

What I actually watched on Monday night was the season finale of Hell’s Kitchen, starring the foul-mouthed Chef Gordon Ramsey with a bunch of “chefs” competing for a head job at BLT Steak in NYC. So I watched the Final Four of Elise, Tommy, Will, and Paul dwindle down to the last two, which to no surprise was Will and Paul. After I saw that one of these two (and not loud-mouth Elise) was going to win, I was satisfied. So during the 9-10pm time slot, I watched the beginning of Two and a Half Men, a few minutes of 2 Broke Girls, but mostly the Monday Night Football Game between the New York Giants and the St. Louis Rams. I did also catch a bit of Playboy Club, but that quickly lost my interest.

Last night, I caught up with the CBS lineup that I missed from the night before thanks to Hell’s Kitchen and the NFL. Starting with the season premiere of How I Met Your Mother with back-to-back episodes, we pick off at Barney’s wedding and then to their traditional flashbacks when they discuss Punchy’s wedding (Yeah, there’s as much time-jumping in HIMYM as there was in Lost). Marshall and Lily are hiding her pregnancy, Robin rediscovers she has feelings for Barney until Nora calls, and Ted is trying to atone for the number of horrible Best Man speeches. At the end, we’re left with another “who’s the bride?” trap, wondering if Barney marries Robin, Nora, or someone else entirely (though if it’s not one of those two, I’m going to be awfully pissed).

In the second episode of HIMYM titled, “The Naked Truth” Marshall is hoping to get a job, but his hope is crushed when he discovers there’s a video of him streaking across college, something he knows if the company finds out during his background check, he’s toast. Meanwhile, Ted’s back in the dating game while Barney tells Nora about every lie he’s told a girl to sleep with them. Most of the episode was fun, but the kicker is what was the most frustrating. Seeing Ted lock eyes across the room at his ex-girlfriend, Victoria (the cupcake chick) was fine, mainly because I actually liked her a lot. But we know she doesn’t end up being his wife, so why go down this path?! Shame on you HIMYM.

Continuing on with the CBS lineup, I watched the whole episode of Two and a Half Men. The episode began with a funeral ceremony for Charlie Harper with a number of his family and ex-girlfriends in attendance. Allen is informed he has to sell the house and then Ashton Kutcher (Walden) pops up on his deck, shivering and wet from trying to drown himself in the ocean. We find out that Walden is worth $1.3 billion and his wife just ended their marriage. At the end of the episode, Walden is to buy the house, but where Allen will stay is still unclear (though we can assume he’ll stay in the house).

While the episode didn’t live up to the hype it received, it was still the same humor you could expect from Two and a Half Men. Walden is the good-looking, rich man who will probably be unable to commit because of his recent break-up, but will have a parade of hot girls in and out of his house while Allen will continue to play the part of the pathetic loser. Two and a Half Men has run its course and I don’t think Ashton Kutcher is the answer to save the series. I would be surprised if this lasts longer than two more years.

To round up the night, I watched the premiere of 2 Broke Girls starring Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs as two waitresses, from completely different backgrounds, in Brooklyn trying to make ends meet. The pilot was what you could expect from a sitcom like this, full of introductions and characters while sticking with a single tone. It seems to me that Caroline (Behrs) will be receiving most of the laughs during the series (in the beginning atleast) because of her fish-out-of-water situation, while Max (Dennings) is the more rough and tough female, which is rare unless you’re on a cop show. From the look of things, 2 Broke Girls seems like a decent enough show and I’m willing to give it a chance of about five or six episodes before determining whether or not to stop watching. I hope that the raw, girl humor doesn’t get to me (though apparently that’s all the rage after Bridesmaids).

Anyway, CBS’ Monday comedy lineup remains very strong. With that and NBC’s Thursday comedy lineup, there are enough laughs to last the week.


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