Falling Skies – “What Hides Beneath”

Season One, Episode Eight

Falling Skies is definitely doing something right, because as each episode ends, I only want to know more. More about each character and more about the mystery behind these aliens. From the beginning of the show, I didn’t expect Falling Skies to grow into what it is right now, which is an enjoyable science-fiction thriller with enough smarts to separate it from other mainstream extra-terrestrial themed series.

“What Hides Beneath” focuses on Captain Weaver for most of the episode. He’s become a lot more dynamic of a character than when he was just the hard-nose leader of the group in the start. We find out about Weaver’s family, his past when the attacks began, and his motivation for continuing to survive and fight. I guess I should put aside whatever doubts I have about this show and allow it to play out, because Weaver’s character went from one that was one-dimensional and boring to one that is sympathetic and forceful.

Even though Weaver took over this episode, there were other huge advancements in the plot. First of all, Anne Glass makes a huge discovery with Lourdes about the harnaces. We find out that the Skitters actually had the same harnaces on their spines as the children. I’m not actually sure what that means, but it brings up a lot of questions. The show is certainly implying that it’s possible that the children harnaced turn into Skitters.

In addition, while Mason, Hal, and Weaver were spying on the Skitters and their base, we see a whole new breed of alien life-forms. They’re calling them humanoids. They look a lot more like the aliens we’re used to: human-like with two legs, long bodies, two eyes and a big head. So are they the real ones in charge? Do they have any powers?

Also, we meet Sonia. She’s a middle-aged woman who has been living nearby the Skitters and apparently has been tipping them off to nearby humans. She’s a danger to the 2nd Mass and anyone else who might be alive, so Mason and Co. really have to keep tabs on her.

So what does all of this new information mean? That we’re up for a fun season finale. Back-to-back episodes that is slated to be one epic finale. The humans are planning to strike the base of the Skitters in four days by driving a truck full of explosives into their structure. It’ll be a lot easier said than done, but since this episode lacked action, I can assume they’ll make up for it in the season finale.

But what really makes me eager for the finale is the hope for answers to all the questions the show has provided. Oh, and seeing Karen at the end was quite eerie, but it’s good to know she’s still around in the show.

Some other points:

– Possibly the biggest impact for the Resistance was the discovery from John Pope, the man who was against the Resistance in the beginning. But his discovery on how to penetrate the Mechs’ armor will play huge in the finale.

– I’ve been wondering throughout the show about why Hal didn’t seem to care too much when the Skitters took his girlfriend away. Well, now she’s back, just in time to see him holding hands with Margaret.

– Speaking of which, where the hell was Margaret this episode?

– Finally, Rick’s continuing to be under Skitter influence. Why hasn’t anyone around him realize it? He seems like the greatest danger inside the 2nd Mass. I think I’m ready for a Rick vs. Ben showdown.


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