Falling Skies – “Sanctuary, Part 2”

Season One, Episode Seven

During the first part of “Sanctuary” we find out that Clayton has made a deal with the Skitters, but we’re not exactly sure what the deal is until this past episode. With a gun pointed at Michael, he explains the whole thing to him, hoping he understands. When the Skitters attacked their unit, the 7th Mass, they crippled them. With attack after attack, the 7th Mass were doing everything they could to survive. During a moment of retreating, the Skitters captures a young girl. Then coincidentally, they didn’t attack for a day or two. The girl returned, harnaced and under control of the Skitter, and they hashed out a deal: to provide safety for the rest of the 7th Mass, they would have to give them a child.

So now we know all the children from the 2nd Mass are in danger. When Hal and Michael find out what’s going on, they take all of the kids and make a run for it. Clayton and his men pursue them until they trap Hal and the kids inside an abandoned house. Things seemed hopeless for the young soldier and the rest of the children until a recently-escaped Pope and Mason diffuse the situation. At the end of the episode, Weaver and the rest of the soldiers of the 2nd Mass are waiting at Clayton’s safe house and the families of the children rejoice.

This was arguably the strongest episode of the season so far. I loved the tension during the scenes when Hal, Michael, and the kids were trying to escape. And when Clayton was explaining his motives, you simply couldn’t blame him for what he was doing. He’s doing everything he can to survive with his unit, unfortunately it put our heroes in the 2nd Mass in danger and if there’s something we’ve learned through the first seven episodes, it’s that you do not mess with Tom Mason!

The other storyline dealt with Sarah’s pregnancy, which really didn’t have any significance other than finding out a little more about Weaver and his baby-delivering skills (which continues the convenience of the show’s characters). The episode came to an end at Michael’s burial ceremony. It was a touching moment for the show, killing off a somewhat-main character for the first time. But the real kicker was Rick’s reaction when Ben gives him his condolences. Rick said something on the line that killing is in their nature and that we would never kill one of our own. What an incredible way to end the episode.

A few notes:

– So with the death of Michael, Rick is a lot more vulnerable than ever, especially when it seems he still has a Skitter presence inside of him.

– To no surprise, another girl has a crush on Hal. So aside from his girlfriend, this new girl likes him, plus Lourdes who was mocking her, and then there’s Margaret who held his hand during the funeral. I know it’s a post-apocalyptic world and all, but Hal’s one lucky dude.

– Falling Skies is doing a good job at something I complained about in the past: how this was the Noah Wyle show. He wasn’t much of a factor this episode aside from the last third. Nice to see characters like Hal and Anne step up and own a few episodes.

– Guess what? Pope is back! Yes!


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