Falling Skies – “Sanctuary, Part 1”

Season One, Episode 6

We pick up with the 2nd Massachusetts with a civilian pointing a gun at Anne, demanding all of the medicine. He plans to take his son and wife away from the school and take his chances to live away from the unit. After Weaver, Mason, and Michael follow him, they retrieve all of the medicine when a soldier of the 7th Mass assists them. We meet Terry and he will play a very important part of this episode.

While Anne and Margaret took a lead role last episode, this one dealt with the Mason family and the new face of the unit, Terry. There have been many tough decisions made already for this group of survivors, and they’re about to make another one. Terry warns Weaver and the 2nd Mass that the Skitters invaded his unit. He suggests leading the children to a safe haven and away from the school where the Skitters will target next.

Of course, the parents, including Mason, aren’t on board with separating themselves from their children. Still, it seems like the only logical thing to do. Anne is pretty shaken up from being held at gunpoint from a civilian and Margaret consoles her by giving her a handgun and teaching her how to shoot. There’s nothing like hot women staring fiercely at an enemy while holding a gun. Uh huh.

Back to the episode, we get a few scenes with Ben and his family. Ben explains to Matt what it was like to be under the Skitters control, which he admit wasn’t a terrible thing. Falling Skies has done a very good job and drawing some sympathies for these Skitters. There’s a fine line between hating these aliens and actually wanting to understand what they’re doing and why. Whatever you think, it makes for some compelling television. Also, Ben continues to tell Matt that with the harnace on, the Skitters knew everything that he wanted without having to actually say anything. Can someone get me one of these harnaces?

The night Mason presents the plan to the civilians, a Mech attacks the base. This is little Jimmy’s first night back under soldier duty and he comes face to face with a Skitter before Weaver blasts it to pieces. I have to say, because Falling Skies has been playing things safe, I didn’t ever believe that Jimmy was going to die this episode, although I would’ve recommended it. Nonetheless, the complete turn of Jimmy’s willingness to fight and being completely scared out of his wits was sobering. He was just a child who should be in junior high school, but I couldn’t help thinking of all the children used in wars.

Mason finally realizes that it’s better to place the children in a safe environment and not directly in harm’s way. A heart-warming scene between Hal and Tom follows when Hal wants to be there with Matt and Ben as they go with Terry. Of course, Tom allows it.

Now let’s get to the surprising conclusion. Terry leads the children and a few soldiers to the safe haven, but not without diverting the original trail through the woods. That’s the first time I grew suspicious about the entire plan of separating the children from their parents for a few days until the soldiers can fend off the Skitters. What we see next is Terry working with the Skitters and giving them a young boy. How did Terry know where to find the 2nd Mass? He has Pope as a prisoner! Hey, atleast Pope is back in play, right?

Overall, I enjoyed this episode, which is half of a two-part episode. So I assume Terry’s character will be terminated next week and we’ll have Pope back in the 2nd Mass. Any takers?

A few notes:

– So Jimmy doesn’t die, but Parker does… and apparently Jimmy is a chess wizard. But that doesn’t help himself from crapping his pants at a Skitter’s presence.

– I enjoyed the hostility inside of the base between the one civilian who mocked and blamed Ben for the upcoming attack. Put under such pressure, it’s hard to see everything clearly and that was how everyone began to turn against each other. Good thing for our hero, Tom Mason, to restore order.

– When the Skitter crushed that toy globe in his hand (claw?), that kind of freaked me out a bit. Pretty clear that’s a hint at what their intentions really are.

– So we have Hal and Margaret getting closer and also Tom and Anne. I’m afraid to see some mushy gushy romance story-lines in Season 2.


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