Falling Skies – “Silent Kill”

Season One, Episode Five

There are a few things that I have learned about Falling Skies through the first five episodes. For one, there seems to be a lot of coincidences and conveniences for the group of the Resistence. Whether Pope is a gourmet chef and knows where to get motorcycles, or if Margaret knows how to shoot a crossbow and knows the hospital like the back of her hand, it doesn’t stop. I hope this doesn’t get too out of hand as the show goes on, but it’s definitely something I can do without.

Secondly, the show does a good job at creating suspense. It benefits from dealing with the unknown alien race and it’s fun going along the ride, trying to figure out how the Skitters act and what their weaknesses are. There is still a lot of trial and error, but for the most part they’re continuing to understand them more. Finally, Falling Skies hasn’t really taken many risks yet. It’s very formal and standard with its story-lines and I would really like to see it take risks. For me, that’s really its breaking point that’ll either make it a show that I enjoy or a show that will be memorable.

Okay, I got that all off my chest. Now let’s recap the episode, which was a very Anne-heavy show (which is a very good thing). Tom, Hal and the small group of soldiers are planning to retrieve Tom’s son along with as many children as they can. Margaret (the hot blonde who was with Pope’s group at first) makes herself very important, showing off her crossbow skills and helping out the soldiers navigate around the hospital. Tom and Hal had a lot to thank her for.

Like I mentioned, Anne takes over. First, Dr. Harris gets killed by the alien (who didn’t see that coming?), which creates a lot of tension inside the group. Anne convinces the Captain to allow her to learn more about the alien before killing it, which results in her demonstrating to Tom and Hal how to kill a Skitter one-on-one. Who know Anne could be so tough, but that why she is a great character. Also, we find out that Anne hasn’t posted any pictures of her missing son, Sam, because she doesn’t have a picture.

So before the soldiers raid the hospital and rescue the kids, we see the Skitter put the children to sleep while sleeping over them, like it was pretecting the children. Are the Skitters really acting like the caretakers of the children they harnaced? It definitely seems like it now. After taking the children back, Anne, Lourdes, Tom, and others remove the harnaces from the children. The procedure was successful for all but one child, who died. It’s the tough life of a doctor and to no surprise, Anne was distraught over it.

The episode ends with Ben waking up and to my surprise, he remembered his family. This was definitel the happiest moment of the season so far, and finally Tom has something to geniunely smile about. But why did Ben remember his father while Rick didn’t?

Overall, “Silent Kill” was a very complete episode. Anne and Margaret take a much more important role in the show, which has mainly been focusing in on Tom Mason. And is it me, or can Anne and Lourdes be related? I still miss Pope’s crazy antics and without him the show lacks the much-needed comedy relief. But what it lacked in comedy, it made up with plenty of touching moments, none more touching that Captain Weaver listening to the record towards the end of the episode. It’s tough to imagine a world without music, and how memories and people can tie into such a luxury. Whatever keeps a loved one alive in your memory is what they’re holding onto.

Anyway, I look forward to what is in store next for our group of survivors.

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