Falling Skies – “Grace”

Season One, Episode Four

Still in the early stages of this series, there are a lot of questions that surrounds the Skitters. But with every bit of knowledge we gain during each episode, so does the characters on the television show and that makes it feel like we’re involved (which is a good thing). Like how it was said in this past episode, we sure do know a lot more about them than we did yesterday.

So what did we find out? One of the main developments last episode was how Mike took his son, Rick, back to the group and Harris removed the harnace from him. Will Rick survive without the alien harnace? While checking up on him, Anne suggested that the harnace might’ve healed Rick from his illness. Interesting. Then Rick gains consciousness for a few seconds, but doesn’t recognize Mike as his father. Very interesting. But the most intriguing part was what happened after Rick woke up (alone in the room with the Skitter… really?) and immediately put the harnace back on himself. After he did this, the Skitter was able to control Rick and even communicate through him.

Remember when it was mentioned how the children looked like they were being drugged with the harnace on. When Rick put on the harnace, he gave off an expression like he just got another fix. That and the fact that the Skitters control the chilren with the harnace on is very problematic for our humans. Will none of the children remember their parents? If so, expect to see those humans quickly give up all hope with the Resistence.

Aside from that, Mason and a few others took Pope to retrieve motorcycles. Of course, Pope escapes from the Resistence, not before killing a handful of Skitters on the way. I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Pope, but I hope it’s not too long until he’s back.

The final thing we figure out about the Skitters is they somehow communicate through a frequency that causes static on radios. Not exactly sure what that means, but I’m sure they’ll address that in the near future.

We’re still in the beginning of this journey and therefore, “Grace” was full of information and not much else to fulfill our excitement. I can tell you something that changed from the past episode, I no longer sympathize or trust Harris anymore. When he was talking about how Rebecca died, I actually felt sympathetic towards him. But in this episode, he was rude, short, and showed no support for Anne’s caring methods to try and understand the Skitters. Harris is arrogant and ignorant and I foresee him putting everyone in danger somehow.

Okay, I’m done with that rant. Overall, “Grace” provided us with some crucial information and we’re one step closer to understanding the Skitters. It’ll be good to see Mason attempt to save Ben once again. For now, they’re still trying to survive while doing all they can to move forward. As the episode closed, the group held hands and prayed before their meal. It was a touching moment, showing how hope ties directly into faith and religion, even through the toughest times.


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