The Killing – “Beau Soleil”

Season One, Episode Twelve

First off, I’m happy to say that the news broke that The Killing has been renewed for a second season! This is definitely great news for a cable channel that seems it cannot do any wrong at the moment. The Killing has more times than not, been a surprising and edgy murder-mystery show with a number of engaging characters and in-depth story-lines. So yes, I am more than glad that The Killing will be back after this season concludes.

That being said, “Beau Soleil” was the second-to-last episode of the first season, and unlike the odd-ball episode last week that only dealt with Linden and Holder in search for her son, we’re back to the investigation. So what did we learn?

The detectives questioned super-cool aunt Terry when they found out the money that Rosie was depositing was to an account under Terry’s name. Terry admitted that she let Rosie use her ID to get into clubs, but was that it? Further research showed that Terry was a part of an escort service called Beau Soleil. There goes being a good role model.

Meanwhile, Mitch is still obviously upset that all of the money from the account is gone. She goes to the prison to talk with Stan and during a very emotional scene, Stan blames Mitch for being in prison. It was great that he finally said this to her because the only reason why she’s not a hated character is because her daughter is the murder victim. She has to finally step up and take responsibility for everything that is happening. But once again, the two actors were excellent in the scene.

Now onto the Richmond campaign. It looks like he’s on his way to the office with the downfall of the mayor because of his scandals. Richmond sends Jamie to Drexler when he invites him to celebrate. We see a lap pool in Drexler’s mansion where you can watch from below. Jamie comments at the very young girls who are swimming and warns Drexler of the potential dangers of being seen there. But Drexler is already celebrating the success of Richmond.

Back to the investigation, Linden and Holder tackle a few leads and find out that there was a call-girl who warned others about a client called Orpheus, who talked about the idea of drowning. Holder pretends to be a client as he interrogates her and Linden pays a visit to Richmond to warn him about Drexler. During a very shocking conclusion, both Linden and Holder (and Gwen) find out that Richmond is now their main suspect.

So is that it? That’s what I wonder. I admit, I really liked Richmond throughout the first season, but seeing all the photos of him with Rosie (as a call-girl?) and now realizing his computer is receiving e-mails directed to Orpheus, how can Richmond not (somehow) be involved in the Rosie Larsen murder? Now the detectives have to really put their foot to the pedal and gain enough evidence to put away Richmond before he sneaks through the cracks.

I think we’re in for a ride in the last hour of The Killing’s first season. I highly anticipate the conclusion and look forward to more Linden/Holder chemistry in the future!

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