The Killing – “Missing”

Season One, Episode Eleven

If there’s something to take from The Killing thus far, it’s that it’s not your typical crime-drama. They do things differently from the conventional television shows we’ve seen again and again. And most importantly, they take risks. Sometimes they pay off, other times not so much, but it’s impossible not to applaud the attempts. The eleventh episode of the season, titled “Missing” is definitely one of those risks, and I’m still unsure if it was worth it or not.

In this episode, The Killing strays from the police investigation and the three main storylines to focus in on Linden and Holder as they stick together in search for Linden’s son, Jack. This definitely took my by surprise. As every commercial break ended, I expected to see Mitch, Stan, or Richmond. But not this episode.

In a way, I’m glad that we got to spend the entire episode on the two best characters on the show. I had my doubts about Holder in the beginning, but he is easily the fan favorite of the show. And we finally see Linden past her tough and rugged exterior, break down and cry from her missing son. The entire episode was enjoyable and moving.

But couldn’t they have plugged this episode earlier in the season? With only two episodes left, there was no advancement in the investigation besides the fact that Rosie Larsen was seen on the ATM camera at the casino. I am actually doubting that our detectives are going to solve the case before the first season ends. Again, there are only two episodes left, and we’ve watched all of the detectives’ leads fade out. Unless the murderer shows up at the police station like Kevin Spacey in Se7en, they’re going to need to be awfully lucky to pin the culprit.

For what the episode was worth, it was a very strong one in character development and the bond between Holder and Linden. Watching Holder look forward to seeing his sister and her son, only to cancel to help Linden during her crisis was heart-breaking. Finally at the end of the episode when Jack shows up, he reveals that he was with his father all day. I’m not sure if that’s going to play a major part or not, but it was certainly an angle that I wouldn’t mind visiting further.

It looks like next week we’re going back to the regular format with all three story-lines. So who killed Rosie Larsen? I have no idea.

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